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My tags for my car have expired. how long do i have to renew?
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My tags for my car have expired. how long do i have to renew?

i moved to north carolina from virginia and my tags have expired and i need to know how long do i have to renew them before the police pull me over?


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If they are expired, the police can pull you over at any time and seize them... leaving you with a large fine and stuck waiting for a tow truck to move your vehicle !!

You do not have a "grace period". They are expired and you are in violation. You can receive a ticket at any time if you drive the vehicle. Have a friend take you to the tag office and get the replacements asap.

No time whatsoever. Once tags are expired, they are expired. Some states will not add on a penalty until 30 days have gone by, but again, once expired you can be ticketed. In most states you can renew up to 30 days in advance, so you have plenty of time to get it done.

Dan A
you should go to the DMV ASAP to reduce the possibility of being pulled over. It could be a major fine.

First if they are expired the police can pull you over at anytime. Most cops will only issue a warning until you are past 10 days expired. If you do get pulled over explain what happened and hopefully they will cut you some slack. If they ticket you it will be around a $100 or so fine in N.C. if you are back in Virginia it is around $160 I believe. I have lived in both..

kelly l
you have no time at all you can go to jail for driving on expired plates and have your car impounded are you ready for all the added expense because of laziness

they are expired arent they?what a stupid question,renew them already,unless you didnt realize it your insurance is no longer good anymore either,they dont have to cover anything that happens now because its not registered.

Edward L
I think after you move to a different state you have 60 days to change them over, but once they are expired thats it. you need to go renew them

James E
As long as it is on your property you don't need tags . if it is parked on a public street NOW if you don't want a ticket or even towed

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