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My windshield is cracked.. What should I do?
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My windshield is cracked.. What should I do?

I just bought a used car last week, March 14th. When I bought it there was a chip in the windshield and on Friday it popped and now there is a big crack. I have comprehensive coverage on my insurance so I know I can get it replaced for free but my dad told me to wait because it will look bad & he is worried my rates will go up. What should I do???


Can you call the insurance company and ask them if it will go up? If you are paying to have comprehensive it is a waste if you aren't going to use it.

I would call your ins rep and check directly with them. No two are the same so it would be best to check with them and then go from there. Only your rep can explain to you exactly what you have covered and don't and how it will effect your rates if it does at all. good luck.

pass her by...
dude, just get it replaced. its your car right?
my sister had her windshield cracked by a rock, the company fixed it a little, but i think her best bet is to get it replaced- as is yours.

Replace the window...it will not affect your insurance rates.

Amie G
Replace the windshield! If it is bad you can get pulled over by the police!

listen to those who have a cracked windshield it was not your fault - call your insurance company- if you bought the car with a chip in the windshield why didn't you ask for them to replace the windshield before you took it off the lot-it wouldn't hurt to ask all they could do is said no, unless u bought it as is!

most insurance companies consider this an act of nature and your rates don't go up
In florida if you buy a car with a cracked windshield they automatically will cover the cost of replacement for you again no raise in your insurance
you can call the insurance company and see what thet say for FREE
you should tell your dad of the dangers of riding around with a cracked windshield like:
you CAN get ticketed for this
it can collaspe and fall into your lap if the wind hits it right
and what kind of babes can you pick up with a crack in your windshield!!!!

Andy W
the previous posters are correct, a replacement windsheild will not do anything to your rates.
Ive never heard of any insurance companies even giving you hastle over a windsheild fix. The reason why, is because a windsheild is a vital part of the cars structural integrity. If you have a good ws, and you are in a wreck, you could be fine, but put a crack in that ws and get into the same wreck, you could be seriously injured.
$200 vs $50,000 in hospital payments... they are gonna give you the money to fix the window.

Also, not all cracked windsheilds need to be replaced. With todays technology, companies can fix up to a 12" crack, however, if it is directly in your line of site, be sure to tell the insurance company about this. Almost every glass repair will leave a distortion. They force a clear epoxy into the crack, and then polish it to get the general look of the glass. Because it is a different material, its going to show a blemish, and if its in your line of site, you might not be able to drive safely.

Your rates usually do not go up for a glass claim, I live in Fla and it's free. i've actually ahd it replaced twice.

there are windscreen repair companies. just look in the yellow pages

Pedro S
go to glass man/girl...pay cash...very cheap. they wanted 250 dollars . i said cash thew did irt for 125 with no insurance... the whole insurance system is a rip off.

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