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Penalty for not changing licence?
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Penalty for not changing licence?

Does anyone know what the penalty in MN would be for not changing your licence over once you move into the state?

(Example...if you moved 1 year ago with a licence from Ohio, but never changed it to MN)



Driver Licensing & Title/Registration: (651) 296-6911

Scott H
Your are cheating MN out of revenue. Where I live (AZ) it's up to a $1,000 fine for AZ resident with out of state registration.

Jen T
Don't tell them how long ago you moved to MN.

jodi d
if you get pulled over a BIG Fine!!!!!!!!!! That is illegal but if you dont get caught then your good.

if you have gotten a ticket for this go and change your license over before the court date if they will let you change it and maybe it will get thrown out

There should be no penalty, as long as when your license expires you make sure to renue and change your address. :)

look up the state law to be sure... I got caught (in a different state but not MN) when I was pulled over for speeding, and they fined me because I was truthful and said I had been in the state longer than 30 days without changing the license (which was illegal, but the time frame depends on the state). Then you have to go to court, or pay the fine, and it's even more of a hassle than just taking an hour to get a new license... do it as soon as you can. But if you do get pulled over, do not offer any information about when you moved.

Just go change it as soon as possible and don't say anything.

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