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Possible 3 points on my license, insurance about to be renewed?
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Possible 3 points on my license, insurance about to be renewed?

Yesterday i think i got flashed by a scamera van, my insurance is also due to expire/automatically renewed on 10th april. should i just take out insurance for the time being assuming i have not been flashed by the camera, ad just tell the company IF the dreaded fine + 3 points comes through?
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wow all excellent answers thank you all! except tony, why would i want to get a friend in trouble you silly chav?


Shasta F
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Yes; the points don't hit your licence until you pay the fine anyway.

Rich G
Yes, you are innocent until proven guily.

Unless you get the letter, there's no need to say anything

it all depends on if you fine is sent to you and posted before you renew or not. if it hasn't your policy wont count it until next renewal.

Cunning Linguist
You have to inform your insurance company when ever you get three points or your insurance is not valid and they won't payout on a claim.
The good news is three points in total will not affect your premium.

If you haven't received the notice, don't declare it. I've been flashed plenty of times and nothing has come through. If the fine notice comes through after you've renewed then, strictly speaking, you should inform the insurance company.

Say nothing to your insurance until you actually get charged. If/When it happens you are legally obliged to inform them. Failing to inform your insurance company could give them an excuse to invalidate your insurance if you happen to have a claim. For goodness sake don't make up some lie, you will regret it.

Its only a possible - as it stands you have no points or fine. You only need to tell the insurance company as and when the points/fine possibly come through - its vital you are honest with them as it could invalidate your insurance if you don't.

You can compare how the insurance quotes would change, for example here - autoinsurance.noneto.com

loves christmas lights
My insurance company asks no questions, they just submit the new invoice to me. Since you will have time to go to driving school, why not do that. I got my renewal notice way before my speeding ticket, the real invoice came and it had my lovely new adjustment to it :( I couldnt go to driving school, it was out of state and that state wanted me to go there to ask to take driving school, now that I see how much this is costing in the long term I could of afforded to fly back east and fix it if they would allow it!
They will see it, I dont notify them of anything unless its an accident, they monitor the situation, and they will hit you the next time if your not able to take care of it, at this point, you are not guilty yet, they only see completed issues not pending ones. Thats why driving school is so important to take for tickets that you can. Call the PD of the area ask how long before notice is sent, and then dive into getting the driving school, many can be done online now.

Timbo is here
At the moment you do have no knowledge of an impending prosecution so say nothing.
If you do hear something from them tell your insurers without delay whether that is before of after renewal date..

tony de la hoya
tell them your car was stolen. and that it was not you or your friend used ur car without asking you.

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