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Pulled over for expired license tabs, no insurance.?
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Pulled over for expired license tabs, no insurance.?

Ok, so you all will probably think I'm really stupid for getting myself into this, and I pretty much agree with you.
I bought a Dodge Neon last summer. I had always had insurance through my parents, so I didn't think much of it. But a little while ago they told me that I was going to be dropped from the insurance, so I made a mental note to start shopping for my own policy.
Well, last night after coming home from a movie, I got pulled over. My license tabs are expired, but he asked for proof of insurance. I didn't have any on me, so he gave me this form to mail in within the next 10 days with proof of insurance. Well, I asked my mother about it, and I'm not insured. I thought I still had some time to take care of this.
So my question is, I'm planning on getting my own policy in the next couple days, get my license tabs and take care of this, but on the form that I have to fill out, it says that the insurance has to cover the date of the incident. This is the first time this has happened to me, but I wanted to know if anyone has been in a similar situation, and what I can expect. Fyi, I live in Minnesota. Any advice would be appreciated. :)


George A
The citations will stand unless you can throw yourself to the mercy of the judge and see if the judge will cut you any slack.

You are not going to be able to show insurance coverage on the day you were given the citation, so that charge is going to stand. And depending on how long your registration was expired before you renewed, that one also may not go away.

I'm not sure how MN would do an expired registration, but other states, like CA, will issue you a Fix-It citation & once you renewed your registration, that charge would be dismissed by whoever you had to report to & show proof of renewing, whether that would be the DMV, a Traffic Judge or Magistrate. If MN works on similar rules, you may get lucky on the expired registration.

You most likely are looking at 2 options-
Just pay the citation & accept whatever penalties that will be assessed against you,
Request a court date & hope that the Judge is not in a bad mood that day & will be willing to work something out with you.

One thing that is on my mind & I don't know if MN does this or not, but some states do a mandatory license suspension (either your driver's license or your registration) for not having Mandatory Insurance. And I'm afraid that you could be facing anything from a 30-90 day suspension of one of your licenses. If registration, you will probably be informed to remove the plates and surrender them to the nearest DMV office, but with either scenario, you won't be able to drive during that time. So hope that MN doesn't do this.

You are extremely lucky, in my jurisdiction your car would have been impounded on the spot for expired tags and you would receive a hefty fine for both the tags and not having insurance.
Your cavalier attitude about taking care of this "in the next couple of days" may get you into trouble, what if you have a serious accident today? Do not depend on luck, get this taken care of as soon as you can.

G-man 1
Well as you already know you will get tagged for expired tabs & driving with no insurance. I got tagged for the same two things 24 years ago,( I HAD the same "I`ll take care of it someday" attitude ) I think I had to go to court for it but not sure. The main thing is get insurance, Tomorrow, if you do have to go to court this will look better for you. Back then I think it was around $150( 24-yrs ago ) for both. The worst part of all of this is your insurance will cost you more now (because if your I will look into it, way of going about it) and then for driving with out it. So do it tomorrow before it goes on your Driving record, or wait a few days and pay even more. Your insurance WILL find out about it sooner or later, Then open your wallet, Wide :-( Good Luck on this. Ps take a car with good tabs to get Your tabs . In case it slipped your Metal notes, you have to have current insurance FIRST to get your tabs. :-(

Sorry - you're in deep pucky. What form are you speaking about? from DMV? - Insurance co? Court ? Get the TAGS FIRST/then Get the insurance before they find out about your TICKET for the infraction of not paying the TAGS (you can tell them you thought your folks were still paying the tags and hope they go for that) Prepare yourself for a court appearance, if money is no problem, get an attorney.

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