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Repairing a broken windshield - I have comprehensive coverage on my car...?
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Repairing a broken windshield - I have comprehensive coverage on my car...?

which covers the cracked glass, but I have a $500 deductible. My insurance company estimated the cost to repair it at $275, so they told me it would be an out of pocket expense. My mechanic told me there is a glass shop he works with who will waive your deductible if your insurance covers the repair. Does anyone know how this would work? And since i already contacted my insurance company and they made a claim but said it would be an out of pocket expense, did I screw myself on getting it fixed for free?


Ben Linus
That doesn't sound right. Why would anyone have glass coverage on their car if the deductible was higher than the cost of replacing a windshield? I'd check with a different agent from your insurance co before I'd pay anything out-of-pocket. If it's true that you have to pay a deductible before the windows get replaced, I'd drop that part of the coverage ASAP because it's pretty much worthless if that's the case.

You didn't make a mistake by making a claim because the insurance company isn't going to raise your rate etc., if your claim didn't cost them anything. (You paying $275 out of pocket for the repair and them paying $0 cost them nothing whether or not you made the claim).

No the insurance just won't pay for the windshield to be repaired because it cost less to replace than your $500.00 deductable. Get in the phonebook and look under glass in yellow pages their will be a list of auto glass installers call and tell them what you need, they will give you a Price quote and set up an appointment to come to your home or job and replace the windshield. I had one put in my 1995 Honda Accord for $210.00 through Safelite Auto glass. they came to my house and i watched them replace the glass It took about 20 minutes in all. It doesn't affect your insurance as a claim because they (the insurance co.) did not pay for the repair. However if you do not have it fixed and have a accident and the windshield gets damaged they will not pay for the windshield in this case because it was already damaged. So when you get it fixed make a copy of the reciept and give it to your insurance company. Hope this helps.

Molly J
You should not have made a claim. Just pay out of pocket. Most places will replace a windshield for less then 200, if the crack is small it can be repaired.

The shop your mechanic is pushing is involved in one of the oldest scams in the insurance industry: charging the deductible in the cost of the windshield replacement. It's one of the reasons why insurance is as high as it is. Regardless your insurer will NOT cover the loss. They know how much is costs to replace your windshield, and they know your deductible is. If you try and submit a repair bill to replace the glass for $750 do you really think they are going to pay it? Pay for it yourself and move on.

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