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Should boys wait til 18 to get license?
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Should boys wait til 18 to get license?

Statistics show that newly licensed teenage boys cause a higher number of serious automobile accidents than any other group. It is evident that many young men are too reckless and impulsive to be good drivers. In order to protect the larger society, the age at which a boy can earn his license should be raised to eighteen.

Are you for or against this?
Additional Details
Give me reasoning... Why do you think boys should or shouldn't wait til 18?


I am completely 100% for it. And girls too! Girls cause just as many accidents as boys now-a-days because they're not mature enough to be behind the wheel. My hubby's sis just turned 16 4 months ago and has already been in 2 accidents. The age for driving should either be increased or there should be a more strenuous driving course you have to pass BEFORE you're allowed behind the wheel. A 16 year old is too immature and too irresponsible to be driving.

I'm against and for it.
Yes, it would help the crash rate go down...
But not all boys are reckless.

If it is raised, it should be raised for girls too. Plain and simple and I'm not completely against a raise either since I already got mine. Lol

David A
NO....because at 18 they are still going to be newly licensed drivers. So how is making them wait 2 years going to change that?

Just Me

Eagle Eyes

Billy bob jr.
It depends how responsible they are. If they are very irresponsible and don't care about their behavior . Then I would hold their license until they are 18.

But if they are very responsible and I trust them. I would let them have their license at young age, but with an very watchful eye.

Norman O
Yes, I agree. A young man under 18 really does not realize what the long term consequences are on what he does and how it will affect him as an adult. Ie: Killing someone because he was speeding, etc. Secondly, your reflexes get better as you get a little older. The statistics do indeed prove my statements.

Yeah i reckon for both.. in australia you have to be eighteen to drive by yourself

at 18 some are still very immature so i don't think another year is going to make a difference.

Any rules should apply to girls as well as boys. In a way I'm in favor of it, for boys and girls, because I've seen how so many kids around here drive. Our neighbor's teenage daughter, along with 3 other girls, was killed in a horrific crash, basically because they were doing something immature and stupid. That's cruel to say, but true. Then some of their schoolmates sped recklessly through the crowded parking lot at their funeral. We saw her brothers playing football with a pickup not long after. (Yes, I said playing football with a pickup.) Most teenagers think they're invincible. That's a fact.

There are mature teenage drivers out there, just like there are stupid adults who are bad drivers. But it seems there's more immature 16-year-olds than mature ones.

So yeah, I guess I'm for it.

against it. only because there are some young boys out there that are good drivers and stay out of trouble and it's not fair to them. unless they make it so nobody (boys and girls) can get their license until they are 18.

Against this

I live in Jersey, and you can't get an unrestricted license until 18 anyway. You get a provisional license at 17 if you had your permit at 16, but in order to get your permit then you have to take driving lessons. My area is pretty safe with local drivers (it's the tourists that run amok) and I like the rules that we have.

Not only boys, girls too. 16 is way to young in my opinion.

im a teen and im against it all..all teens need to get their license at 18 we cant even order things over the telephone what int the world are we doing having a car..its backwards to me they should let us wait to get out of school i am so sick of my people i know dying because of driving its sick and sad!

no...best time of my life was driving to high school at age 16,,17

Maurice R
I think so as well. A lot of teenage boys especially at that young age, they start running wild with there cars always driving fast even though they dont have the experience.

yes cause they can not drive

Halo Guy.
actually, your wrong. Statistics show that boys get in more wrecks than girls. Why? Because there are more boys driving. it's proven. girls are completely oblivious when they drive. Girls don't know what they are doing, they don't know how fast they are actually going and that they could kill someone... 16 is too young.

my step brother who is married to my other cousin which that is messed up already but its okay because i'm from alabama wrecked into a stop light because he went really fast on a ramp and went up in the air and broke the stop light
it was dumb

im about to turn 17 and going to be starting to learn how to drive, once i passed theres gonna be no point for me to get a car because the car insurance quotes im getting are RIDICULOUS, i got quoted 4500 for a 1l corsa what the hell!! the car probs wont even make it past 70 so it not like im gonna kill anybody. then a volvo estate appratley good insurance for a 17 year as said by top gear, quoted 7000.

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