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Son was hit by a car on his bike, whos insurance pays?
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Son was hit by a car on his bike, whos insurance pays?

he was riding his bike, and the lady that hit him was driving her parents car cause hers was getting new tires, who's insurance should pay for his medical expenses? she is in jail for DUI and possesion
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yes my son is ok, just banged up!


the vehicle owner's insurance is primary, then the driver's if the bodily injury exceedes the limits of the vehicle's policy, then attack the home owners insurance if availible, if still not enough, sue personally to all parties

your son being 10 yrs old has not reached "age of reason" even if he is negligent, the driver of the car still has the greater duty to be aware of their surroundings and watch for pedestrians and obstacles.

get a good personal injury atty

and "me again" needs to pull his head out his A$$, kids get hurt, if he had his way all kids would be in a bubble on shelf till they were just as f--ked up as him

The car owners insurance will pay. You did call the police and they made out a accident report? I do hope your sons ok.

pedestrians have the right of way a kid on a bike is a pedestrian ever see the road sign with the boy on a bike it says share the road
the people in the car will have to pay

Who ever was at fault pays...

call an attorney and sue them... immediately...
Hope your child is o.k.

I would say hers. Is your son okay? I would contact your insurance company and double check with them.

The car owner, as they let someone drive their car.

Lake Lover
Probably the people than own the vehicle that hit him. I'm so sorry to hear about this!!!! I hope that b**** rots in jail a long time!!!!

Jim T
Since the girl was ticketed, and was legally at fault, then it comes to the insurance on the vehicle. You should contact the owners of the vehicle, and have them put you in touch with their insurance company.

If they refuse, contact the police for a copy of the police report, the insurance information should be contained within.

If you live in a state which does not require insurance, then contact the family and inform them that if they do not turn the matter over to their insurance company, you will have no choice but to contract a lawyer.

Get a lawyer! In my state both insurance companies can be required to pay. Seeing as she was arrested you shouldn't have to worry about any bills. Just do like I said and get that lawyer. Don't accept or sign anything without legal representation!

The car owner. They hit your son. I hope your son is doing ok.

Me again
You failed to inform us who was at fault. I don't give a flying fk about her DUIs or possession charges unless she was drunk or stoned at the time, which, not surprisingly, you also fail to mention. I want to know if your kid was at fault when he got his azz hit or if the woman driving was at fault. If he was, you pay. If she was, she pays. How old is your son? Yet again, a key piece of information that predictably you left out. Old enough to be unsupervised on a bike in traffic? If not, then you should be prosecuted for child endangerment and your son should become a ward of the state. It's really that black and white, although you seem like the kind of a person who will spin the facts to your benefit and leave out the ones that make you look incompetent as a parent. It would behoove you to add a few more facts.

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