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The liability insurance is under my name. My brother was driving my car and had an accident, Now what??!!!?
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The liability insurance is under my name. My brother was driving my car and had an accident, Now what??!!!?

I have liability insurance under my name. last week end I lend my car to my brother so that he could go pick up my son at school, since I was feeling sick that day. On his way to the school he ran a red light and my car is now total. Am I still cover since I was not the one driving or am I screwed? What do I have to do, I have never been in an accident so I don't know what to do.


Its liability insurance, so that covers everything but your vehicle. They will pay for all damages but nothing for your vehicle. To be fully insured you would have had to have a comprehensive policy. Liability insurance is the bare minimum insurance you are required by law to carry, it protects other people for the damage you may do but it does not protect your car.

rrr yahoo
As long as you gave your brother permission to drive your vehicle, the accident should still be covered by your insurance company. Since you only had liability insurance, there would be no coverage for your car. More than likely, the insurance company will cancel your policy after everything is settled.

So far I know it doesn't matter who drive the car .The car is in your name ,insurance is in your name.Since it was his fold and you have liability insurance your insurance not going pay you for your car.It is your responsability.

Read the policy very carefully. The company will have put a clause in there which will cover eventualities such as that you have experienced
.Unless the policy states that it covers you only then you will be covered for what is called Third Party. This is the minimum cover that you can have. Since the car was wrecked in the commission of a traffic offence, I cannot see that you will have any claim at all against the company for the damage to your car. You may find yourself in court defending any claims that others may make against you for the accident and considering the red light incident I cannot see that you will have any defence.
Thank Heaven that your son was not in the car at the time! I am sorry for you. We can choose our friends but we are stuck with our relations!

Bekki B
Unless your brother is specifically excluded under your insurance policy, then your liability insurance would cover damages to the other party. However, there unfortunately would not be coverage for your vehicle, since you did not carry collision coverage. Contact your insurance agent, and she can inform you what your policy covers, and the best way to proceed.

It is your car that is covered, not the driver. Call your agent. You will likely be covered and get to buy another car. Your rates might go up, since your insurance will have to pay for your car and the car that hit your brother. There is some chance that your insurance will drop you and you'll have to gt a new policy. I'm glad that your bother and son are OK, but I would not let him drive your car again. In the end, he cost you thousands of dollars.

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