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We bought a car but the title has already been signed. what can we do?
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We bought a car but the title has already been signed. what can we do?

my brother bought a car and the title has been signed by the original seller (which is not the one who sold him the car), then signed by HIS seller in the buyer spot, and then HIS seller signed his name in the "print your name" spot for the seller. Apparently they never transferred the title into the second sellers name. so what do we do now?


Dr. Williams
You just go to the tag office and get it transferred. That's why they put multiple lines on the back of a title..so that it can change hands multiple times before it's transferred.

Uncle Jed
Take the car back and get your money back and tell him when the title is corrected and in the name of the person you are dealing with than you will buy it. And not until that happens.

But right now you have a title and a car you can do nothing with.............md

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