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What catagory licence do you require to drive a Fire engine?
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What catagory licence do you require to drive a Fire engine?


A fire tender will be Category C and you will need to be at least 21 years of age to take the test.

Timbo is here
You will need a pass at cat C unless it is an articulated platform ladder which will need cat C+E

hgv licence i think it's category c

it,s what we used to refer to as a class 2 heavy goods licence there is some weight in all that equipment and water plus I would assume all emergancy drivers are also been on advanced drivers courses

licenses are given out by the weight of the vehicle,so one would have to know the gross vehicle weight to know the answer.

It's not only the weight. Does it have air brakes? Hauling any hazardous materials? Articulated? Ya gotta be more specific!

Sophie B
Class 4 Chauffeurs license in Missouri, which qualifies you for air-brake equipped vehicles....

west point fireman
do u have to have a valid drivers license to drive a fire truck/apparatus in the state fo alabama? this is a very tricky question.. because u have to think of the volunteer side of it? the old timers etc..

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