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What does named driver on car insurance mean?
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What does named driver on car insurance mean?

I did a quote with gocompare.com and best result was tesco, it has a note saying 'Up to 50% discount for named drivers, when they take out a policy of their own with us' it will be my first insurance on my first car so if i took out with them am i the named driver as i'm only one they'll be driving it??


UK Dad
Drivers must be named on the policy.
This is usually cheaper than "any driver" policies.

val f1 nutter
A named driver on your policy would be somebody who would be driving your car as well as you, ie spouse, sibling, friend. in the technical terms of car insurance you are the 'proposer'.

A named driver on an insurance policy is another driver not the policy holder! Say you wanted to put a parent or partner on the insurance, so they can also drive your car!

Sarah M
It means if your parents had a Tesco insurance and you were a named driver on their policy - insured to drive their car on their insurance policy - Tesco would give you a 50% discount for taking out your own insurance policy with them.

If you take out your own policy you are the policy holder or proposer and anyone added on - parent, spouse, partner, friend - would be a named driver on your policy.

It is someone who can drive the car with the owners permission and be covered by insurance. You wil have t pay extra premium for them and there may be special conditions. My wife has ben a named driver on my insurance for many years and both my children were until they got their own cars one write off each and university later

You are the principal driver named drivers are other people you name that you will allow to drive your car , it costs tho

Hi, No if you take out the policy and it is yours and covers you then it is your policy as the 'main driver'. If for example you wanted to insure a friend or a relative on your car as well as yourself, they would be the 'named driver'. Basically 'named driver' means an additional driver to YOUR car insurance policy. You are the main driver. Hope this helps.

Mason Z
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Named Driver The main person who will be driving the car.
Named Drivers Other people you name"

named driver is when the policy holder adds another driver to drive the vehicle he or she is insuring. mainly people will do that when the named driver is young or unexperienced and the policy on there name is quite high. the risk in this is if the named driver has a n accident the policy holder will have to make a claim on there policy and this can result in higer policy quote next term and lose no claims bonus if unprotected

r doug w
It would appear that if you're the named driver on someones ins. then Tesco will give you 50% off if you take out your own..

Yes, only people with their name on the policy/certificate are allowed to drive under a 'named driver policy No one else can drive your car using your policy

If the policy is a named driver policy, I would not take it. That means you are only covered if you are named on the policy.

Get a policy that has "permissive use". That means anyone can drive your car. Keep shopping.

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