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What form to use for non-operation?
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What form to use for non-operation?

I have not been using a 2000 chevy tahoe for the past 6 months and I would like to know what form to use. There are 3 forms, but they all sound so similar. I tried calling the DMV (in california) but they never answer, i give up after waiting for 40 minutes each call. So there is the PLANNED NON-OPERATION CERTIFICATION; the CERTIFICATE OF NON-OPERATION; and AFFIDAVIT OF NON-USE....So the question is: which form do I use? I will not be using this car for this year.

PS-I tried the california dmv website and that confused me even more. HELP!!!!


vicki g
Affidavit of NON USE REG 5090 is good if you don't want to insure a car and are not going to use it for about ONE YEAR OR LESS. Your registration must be current. The purpose is so the DMV won't suspend your registration for being uninsured. You don't get tags for the plate, and you cannot have it parked on the street.

Planned NON OP REG 102 is good if you don't want to drive the car for ONE YEAR OR MORE. You don't pay registration until you put it back on the road a few years later. And then you only pay the current year. The Catch: there's a window of opportunity to put a car into PNO. 75days before registration due...to...90days after registration due.

PNO certification and cert pno are one and the same.

PNO and NON-USE are almost the same. PNO you keep your registration, NON-USE registration is canceled. Every year a PNO-status will get "an invitation to put car back on road" . NON-USE doesn't get a yearly "invite"

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