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What happens if i lie on my insurance quotes about past claims?
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What happens if i lie on my insurance quotes about past claims?

insurers are penalising me too hard and the premiums are ridiculous! Whats the worse that could happen?


You'll be found out and done for fraud, your insurance would probably go up (or you may be black-listed) as well as a hefty fine or custodial sentence / community service.

That's the worst that could happen.

You just have to shop around a lot and drive a small car, do less mileage, park the car on a driveway or in a garage.

Every financial institution share information.Any discrepancy in information to one will be picked up and invalidate your cover.

You can't lie. They know everything. They just pull your report, and it's there. Not a good idea to try to lie about those kind of things. It is most defianately fraud. If your premiums are too ridiculous, maybe you should try to take a drivers safey course or something. Try to drive a little nicer, dont speed all the time, dont get into accidents. Those are what makes your ins... go up. Find a small company that won't charge you so much for a downpayment, and make smaller payments. all it takes is some research to find the right place for you.

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you can be charged for fraud, have your insurance cancelled They have a data base so i think they can chack previous claims

well lets see, if you get in a accident and the other person files a claim against you, your insurance will check your history, find your false statement, not pay the claim and you could be sued by the other person. Lieing on a ins applications like not having insurance at all. It's up to the ins company if they will file further charges against you. Plus to make things worse, Nobody will insure you so then what? Tell your ins company that you made a mistake and need to change your policy, tell the truth, check what your state/bank requires you to have, and poss increase your deductible to help lower the cost. Also if you take defensive driving most ins companies will lower their rate. May help you avoid wrecks or other obstacles also. Good luck

they could find out and prosecute you accept what you have done in the past and rectify it by not doing it again, thats why premiums go up every year because people lie and claim all the time.

Insurance companies have access to a central database, they will be well aware of your claim history whether you declare it or not.

You wouldn't be pulling the wool over anyones eyes with your deceit and you will find yourself with a void policy when/if you wanted to make a claim.

They have a department that goes through everybody's claims. and looks for loopholes, they will still take you payment, but will NOT pay out if you claim,

You could get done for fraud and find yourself uninsured when you REALLY need it. These people will do almost anything to get out of paying a claim, so don't give them a reason.

Eddie D
You could be in another accident and find that your insurance is invalid because your policy is void. You could get a police prosecution and a driving ban and then you will be out of the frying pan and into the fire. At least if you tell the truth you will not be paying a premium for nothing. Drive more carefully and ride out the storm until you build up a NCB.

you can get done for fraud

your insurance would be invalid

and if you had an accident you would be liable to pay for the damage to the other persons car out of your own pocket then you would be unable to get insurance at all

you could go to jail

toby h
Insurance carriers are very savvy and it's not likely you'll be able to fool them. You may be able to lie on your application for insurance and leave out information about past claims, but the insurance carriers will be able to pull up this information on one or several large databases they all have access to.

Once they discover any past claims and/or driving violations typically one of two things will happen: 1. You will still be issued a policy but at a higher rate than you were originally quoted because you will now be charged for the past claims and/or driving violations they discovered. 2. They will decline your application as the information they discovered tells them you are more of a risk than they want to write.

The absolute worst case scenario is you are issued a policy based on purposely hiding past claims and the insurance company finds out when you actually have a claim against the policy. If they determine they would not have insured you had they known about your past claims and/or violations they can deny coverage for your loss based on your material misrepresentation.

Look at it this way - whatever you might think, you are far better off paying the high premium. Believe me...

welcome news
5) A person who makes a false statement or withholds any material information for the purpose of obtaining the issue—
(a) of a certificate of insurance or certificate of security under Part VI of this Act, or
(b) of any document issued under regulations made by the Secretary of State in pursuance of his power under section 165(2)(a) of this Act to prescribe evidence which may be produced in lieu of a certificate of insurance or a certificate of security,
is guilty of an offence.


Also if you knowingly make a false statement the insurance company will void the policy and, if a claim is made against you, once they have paid it, they will come after all your possessions to reimburse them.

So if you want to lose your house and end up in jail - go ahead.

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