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What happens if you don't pay your car tax?
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What happens if you don't pay your car tax?


michael b
in the UK your car can be towed off the street and crushed at a scrap yard

You either have to declare it as off-road or you get your car towed away - simple!

If you declare SORN (statutory off road nitification) then nothing.

If you use a car with no tax then The fines is up to £1000, plus the outstanding tax.

The alternative is that your car is removed forcibly from the road to the nearest scrap yard and turned into tin cans, you can claim no compensation if this happens.

ANPR(automatic number plate recognition) equipped police cars can tell within a second if your tax is current or not.

A True Gentleman
The British Government has decided that if you don't pay your road tax you must declare your car off the road. There is no 'do nothing' option. Why must you declare it off the road? Why isn't this just assumed? I'll tell you, because the government doesn't trust any of us and expects us to be criminals - not that someone could just be out of the country for a few months. They still expect us to trust them though in what they do and constantly complain that we don't.
They are scum.

You get your car taken away and crushed if you don't pay. You have to pay a fine for not having tax, can bu up to £1000. Then you have to pay to get your car back off the police ANd pay your car tax. You have so many days to pay or your car gets crushed.

Casey J
your car will get taken away?

Ray P
Remember that if it isn't taxed it isn't insured either. Your insurance company won't want to know.

do you like to walk ??

If you don't renew your tax or fill out a SORN (statutory off-road notification), you'll be sent a fine by post.

You get an £80 fine through the post.

The following:

* You receive a letter saying you haven't taxed or declared SORN for the vechile, which is a £40 fine by a certain date, otherwise it's £80 which must be paid by a certain date - if not can take you to court.


* If spotted and towed away you will receive a letter saying to contact the car pound by acertain date or car is crushed

I would SORN it straight away and keep it off the road or tax it asap.

prom queen
You end up with a penalty that is delivered to your door if you don't register your car as off the road etc

your car gets crushed into a cube

You end up walking cos your car gets crushed.

If you are talking about sales tax that will continue to go up with penalties and interest until they come after you for the money. Depends on the state as to how long this takes. If you are talking about tag renewal or registration then you can turn in the tags and declare it off road and broken and you can get by without paying it more until the car is repaired and ready to return to the highway. Also depends on the state as to how long you have to do this.

How did you get a lic plate most states you pay up there and then

Nothing Untill the othorities catch up with you then a fine and lose some points

you will not be allowed to renew your tags when they go dead, the state will garnish your wages and they will file a report on your credit bureau

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