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What happens when a car hits you and they have no insurance and the car isn't even theirs?
Find answers to your legal question.

What happens when a car hits you and they have no insurance and the car isn't even theirs?

Don't tell me what I should have done? (like call the police?)
Tell me what I can do. The guy could of been stealing the car because his license was expired too. He backed up, hit my car, then went forward, backed up and hit my car AGAIN.


Well depending on what kind of insurance you have it might cover it, some insurances cover no insured drivers, but ideally if you DID call the cops they would have filled a report that you can give your insirance company. Also is the damage a lot? if not it might not be worth to claim it, because you will end up paying more plus the deductable. I think the best thing is talk to you insurance company, but don't tell them who you are, just try to get the info before you act on it, in case it's not favoring you....

Archer Christifori
In my book thats vehicular assault, call the police but your insurance company will have to cover you.

In my world you'd the option of also shooting him... not mortally but to stop the assault you have the right to do what you need to do.

Just Me
.Well if you didn't call the Police nothing. Your insurance will want a police report or they will not do anything for you. The same applies if you try and take the offending party to court.But if you go to court,find a lawyer that will take it to court and actually win something. Is not a guarantee that you will ever receive your funds.

Hope you have insurance. Call you agent.

Jennifer T
Sue him.

You have to put a claim through your uninsured motorist portion of liability coverage. In any case, was this reported to the police because this person should be liable through the civil court.

Do you have insurance? If so, it shouldn't matter if he does or does not, your policy should cover you. Call your insurance agent in the morning. However, if you did manage to get his license plate number, and personal info, I would pursue legal action.

You can try to sue him but most likely they don't have any money so they will go to jail, you can also try to go after there family and sue them. Try to get the best lawyer in town if you are in Texas call this guys 1800-thedogs they will help you.

Depends on what state your in. You might be able to claim it under your own car insurance. Check with a lawyer

You would go after the insurance of the rightful owner of the car. If that person has no insurance, hopefully you have " uninsured motorists " coverage.

You could sue the actual owner of the car, even if he has no insurance. You can attach to any real estate or real property he has.

take him to court

take a hammer to his car and jack it more than ur car so has a even crapper car and dents everywhere. i will bet that it will make u feel alot bettter

AM-NM centaur
That's why I purchased a camera cell phone. So if someone hits my car, I snap their picture.

You go after the car owner. He is responsible for anybody in his automobile.

Storm Warning
do u have his information or licence plate atleast? name, anything? were u in a parking lot with survailance? if you have anything, go to the police and tell them what happened. either way, your insurance should cover your damage without penalizing you, you will have to pay your deductable more than likely tho. or they can give you advice on what to do.

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