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What to do when you get caught driving without a license? Above 18 years old. help!?
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What to do when you get caught driving without a license? Above 18 years old. help!?

I got this ticket in so cal...

Hey, so here's my story. I took my father's car without him knowing to pick up a friend who was stranded somewhere and had no where to go. When I dropped him off, I drove for about .05 miles before a police car pulled me over for not having my headlights on [i didn't notice/didn't ever drive my dad's car before/it was very bright even though it was night time]. He found out I only had a permit and gave me a ticket for driving without a license and driving without headlights. My questions are:

What can I do to avoid the huge fine for driving without a license?

Will any of this show up on my insurance? Can I waive it through traffic school or something?

Will the DMV know that I got the ticket?

Will I still be able to take the test?

I know that I did something EXTREMELY stupid, but I need to get out of this without letting my parents know...or I will be dead completely.

Thanks in advance!


You are not going to find a straight and satisfactory answer to your problem here, and you are not because law is different in every state in the US territory. Whereas in Florida the problem might be a big deal in Iowa could be a small thing. I am not here to sermon you because you sound already grieved about your problem but you have to give more data in your question like what state and county you live or the incident took place. Remember, judges are humans and many times if they are in the mood you would walk away with a slap in your wrist or viceversa. Go and ask to real experts in these cases so you won't be called "stupid" or so in this blog.

Scion Blue
First of all your parents will find out about it sooner or later. The bill for the ticket or court date will show up at the door one day and you're toast! Sorry.

"What is the fine for driving without a license?
It varies from state to state. Here in Florida, not having your license is a $74.50 ticket. Driving without ever having obtained a valid license is a mandatory court appearance. " - http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_fine_for_driving_without_a_license

11:281a Driver's License Required
(If proof of correction of infraction is presented on or before the court date, the total due is $97. and a court appearance is not required.)
Court Appearance Required - http://brgov.com/dept/CityCourt/trafficfines.htm

I do not think it will effect your taking the test and getting a license. And your parents are not going to kill you. You just going to get a nasty talk from your father.

In the future, ALWAYS drive with your lights on, Day, Night, Rain or whatever, just turn them on and forget about it. Just don't forget to turn them off when you get out of the car.

Do take your documents with you at all times. Your driver's license or permit, any other picture ID would help.

Once you get your insurance cards, have that with you too. Plus give a copy to your parents, my insurance company sends me two cards, so I give one to my parents in case they need to use my car.

Talk to your parents, before they find out. It is better that way.

Good luck.

Michael E
Show up at court. Be on time.

Yes, your insurance company will know.
Traffic school is good, if the judge doesn't offer it, ask for it.
Yes, DMV will know about the ticket.

Show up at the time and place indicated on the ticket. Failure to appear is a dumb thing to do. It pisses off the judge.

Your parents will find out. Tell them about the ticket before DMV mails the car owner a copy of the ticket.

Your parents are going to find out. They will. So give up that dream and just be up front with them. Sorry that you got yourself into such a pickle. Really, the only thing you can do is tell your parents and have them help you deal with it. As an adult, you should know better then to mess with their insurance and records on their car. What if for some reason your actions put a "spot" on the car and your Mom ends up in jail for what you did? Tell them and deal with the consequences.

There is no way you can avoid this matter. You will be given a fine and a possible disqualification.

get a liscnese!

Ryan M
Since your still a Juvenile, you should have to pay a fine for driving w/o a license.

There is no getting out without letting your parents know. your father will be required at court since ou stole his damn car. wtf were you on crack?

Yes it will show up on your insurance and you will get F'ed in th ***.

The DMV knows all.

Definately let your parents know. unless you want to die.

And depending on how pissed off your dad he could get you with GTA (Grand Theft Auto) which is a felony.

Theres no way out1 You have to confess, should have never done it........

Turbulent Evil-Yup, it's me!
You drove your father's car without his permission? What the **** were you doing taking his car? You are so screwed! What were you thinking? And how could you forget to turn your lights on? The part that really kills me is that you say you did it to help a friend. I mean, if you're going to risk getting in deep **** like that, at least do it because you want to test the acceleration or something. What kind of car does your father have anyway? A Mercedes? You probably wanted to roll it in front of the Olive Garden to lure some chicks, not that bs you claim about trying to help a friend out.
I don't know, just ride your scooter next time ok?

Michael S
Face it, you are in the s*it!

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