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What would happen if someone is driving my car without a drivers license?
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What would happen if someone is driving my car without a drivers license?

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Can i go to jail?


If they are in an accident, you are wholly responsible and your insurance company can refuse to pay. Insurance companies don't cover unlicensed drivers.

If they don't have a license because it is REVOKED (as opposed to suspended), they can impound your car.

You wouldn't go to jail, unless perhaps there was an accident that claimed a life. But it could end up costing you a lot of money.

if they are caught they are issued a citation for driving without a license, and can have the car impounded

your car would more than likely be towed and then you would be called

In New York State you will get charged with "Permitting Unlicensed Operation", if an accident happens you can also be personally sued and your insurance may not cover you for damages.

D Bauched
They would most likely receive a citation for operating a vehicle without registration/license.

If there is no one in the car with a license, they would probably make you leave the car somewhere or have it towed.

Coronas Mom
You tell them to get a license... You can GET INTO big trouble as long as them...

Ok here's the thing....If the person who is driving your car doesn't have a license and gets pulled they will impound your car and give the person a summons for driving with out a valid license.

If the person gets into a car accident with your vehicle and it was their fault, your company might pay for the damages, can't say that they won't because I have seen many cases where insurance companies do pay. They are insuring your car for third party liability (ie your vehicle was involved in the accident) therefore most companies will pay. Of course, you will have to explain yourself as to why you let a unlicensed driver use your car.

You will not be charged with aiding and abetting or get arrested.

If you allowed them to drive it, you could be charged with aiding and abetting.

they can be charged driving without license and or grand theft auto. Second can be dropped if u tell the police that the car was not stolen but was borrowed without ur knowledge that the driver didn't have a license. And don't forget the insurance part as well.

Bonnie B
If you let someone without a license drive your car than you are taking the chance of that person possibly being involved in an accident that your insurance company would not have to cover and expenses to cover the damages to your car and someone elses vehicle or bodily damage to them could result in coming out of your pocket.Also if the police happen to pull your vehicle over you are taking the chance that your vehicle will be impounded and that person could go to jail and you would inquire all the expenses to get your vehicle back.

Child of God
What the first answerer said, and Your insurance company can also drop you if they find out regardless of an accident. If you carry liability insurance, the only drivers covered are the ones who are listed on the policy.

You both are in a heap of trouble. DO NOT ALLOW IT !

Worst case scenaro---The driver goes to jail, your car is impounded.
If the cop is nice, he may let the driver call to have someone pick up the car and let him go with a summons but they still have to go to criminal court and face fines, possible jail time if they get in an accident, revoke the privledge to obtain a drivers license for a certain amount of time.

Or they may just let you go...


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