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Where can I find my drivers license number?
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Where can I find my drivers license number?

I can not for the life of me find my wallet. (I had it like 4 days ago right here, haven't left the house since, and can no longer find it! *is very frustrated*) So OTHER than on my drivers license, is there a place I can find out my drivers license number within 2 days?


George A
DMV or whichever agency that issues driver's licenses in your state or you can call your insurance agent to see if they have a copy of it in their records.

Since you cannot find it & you are required by law to have it on you when you are driving & be able to produce your license if asked by a police officer when you are driving, just go to DMV & tell them you lost your license & get a duplicate issued to you. It will cost a few dollars (should be less than $20)

Call your insurance company. they should have it on file. Also, you could contact the place that you transferred the title at. Most of them will keep your license number on file as well. If all else fails, drive really fast, and then ask the cop.

call your DOT. but why is it more important to you to have just the Number rather than the license itself?

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