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Where should you keep the title of your car?
Find answers to your legal question.

Where should you keep the title of your car?

in the car or at home?


NEVER keep your title in the car, someone could steal the car and the title, have it falsified and keep your car free and clear.
I always keep all my titles in a safe in the house or safe deposit box.

Bank Lockbox

george 2
home in a fire proof box and in a safe location.

C Bruno
In a safe place not in the car.

safest place is a safety deposit box at the bank. but if you want to have access to it more easliy then get a file cabinet or file box and keep it filed at home...

eight ball
I have two titles to my truck, one is left home in a lock box and the other is concealed in the cab where it would probably never be found unless the truck was dismantled , however if the cops stop me and want to see it I can easily produce it!

Skag Baron
keep the actual title in your house in the event someone steals your car. keep your pink slip and registration in the glovebox in case a cop ever asks to see it.

In your glovebox.

Keep the title to your car in a safety deposit box at your bank or filed with your important documents at home. You should never keep the title in the glovebox of your vehicle. In the event of being pulled over, the police will not ask to see the title, they will look at your driver's license and registration.

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