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Who is responsible for a deceased's car payments?
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Who is responsible for a deceased's car payments?

When someone dies, and a car (that is not yet paid off) is left to family members, what happens? Does the loan automatically change to the repsonsiblity of the heirs, or must the family members get their own loan and pay off the deceased's loan? And how do you go about switching everything over to the new owner? Please HELP!


If the deceased assigned an executor to handle their affairs after their death then that would be the person. They would need many copies of the death certificate and effect the will in probate court. Afterwards, they can dispense any assets (including cars) through the estate. Changing the name to a new owner would then be easy.
If the deceased was a minor, the surviving parents would handle it.

The Estate owes the full amount on death, and the lien survivies if it is not paid. Im certain they would allow a family member to assume the payments if at all practical

A loan is not assumable. Entire amount is due upon death or the vehicle reverts to ownership (bank). Probate lawyer will be very helpful when dealing with any estate problems -- well worth the money.

If I was you I would just call an attourney and ask them to know that your doing the right thing. They don't charge to sit and advise over the phone.

Mopar Muscle Gal
you need to ask these questions to the probate attorney handling the case

It would become the responsibility of the new owner of the vehicle or would be paid off by the deceased estate.

As said above, Talk to your attorney handling the case.

First Lady
The beneficiary would be responsible to either pay it or sell it.

If the deceased did not leave a will giving this posession to them, then it would depend on the laws in our city, municipality. If there is a loan on the vehicle, probably be able to request to purchase the vehicle, but if you were left as heir, then you would be responsible to pay for it, take over the loan or get it foreclosed. This is not legal advice. Just an educated guess. Look into local laws and see if the deceased left a will.

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