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Why do i have to have car insurance on my son, when his dad bought him a car. he never drives my car.?
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Why do i have to have car insurance on my son, when his dad bought him a car. he never drives my car.?

I have a 17 year old son, his dad has bought him a truck, which is in his name and paying insurance on it. why do i have to have him listed on my insurance policy just because he lives with me, and doesnt even drive my car?


if your son is a licensed driver and lives in your house then he has to be listed on your policy. Now if your son never ever drives your car you can have him exempted from you policy. You would need to sign a form from your insurance and he will be excluded for the life of the policy. So if he drives your car and gets in accident there will be no coverage. hope this helps

Because all licensed drivers in your household have to be. Unless you have him specifically excluded on the policy.

As I recall, though, it shouldn't be too bad on your policy if he has his own primary vehicle.

probably because he's still a minor and in your custody and household, with access to your car. if you think that something is wrong with the policy, check with your insurance agent.

Everyone who lives in your household must be on your policy. That's standard practice industry-wide.

Since he is primary on another policy you can list him as a "prohibited" driver on your car and should not have to pay any additional premium. Your insurance company may want a copy of the declarations page from his policy as proof that he's covered on another policy.

All drivers in the household have to be listed on the policy. Some companies will not charge you if you show them that he is listed as a driver on another policy. Not just that he has a car for use but actually listed as a driver. Do not exclude him from your policy. If he were to move your car, take it to the store and got into an accident there is no coverage for him driving. You would have signed a form stating this.

Listed, doesn't really mean that he would have coverage. Most companies can exclude him (saying he lives there) but if he hops in and takes a joy ride - there is no coverage.

You need to name him as an adult of driving age on your insurance. This is in the event of an emergency, and will not affect your premium unless you list him as an occasional driver of your vehicle. Every adult that drives a vehicle needs to be known about in the event that your car goes missing from the front yard, they have names of people to start looking for. Or if you need to go to the emergency room, and your son is driving and gets stopped, the cop will see that the insurance company at least knows about his existance and will allow you on your way. His insurance company needs to know about your existance, too. It works both ways.

You don't.

Your insurance company should have a form for you to fill out and sign which excludes him from your policy coverage.

At least in my state you can.

Aspen Dreamer
Insurance is for the vehicle damage, in the case of an accident, not for the driver...

Unless you have PIP, which is personal injury protection and that's for the person...

If there is a loan on the car, you might be required to have both vehicle damage coverage and bodily injury protection...

I believe the insurance will cover him no matter what vehicle he happens to be in at the time of an accident...
That way he is also protected as a passenger while you are the main driver...

If you are divorced or separated the insurance covers him because he lives with you under your roof as a minor and you are required to pay for your minor child till they are 18...

My parents never added me to their policy, I never drove their car either. Your insurance company may just be trying to get more money out of you, you should talk to them and tell them you don't want your son on your policy.

Nunoyvgvna Awi
never heard of that. I'd ask around....sounds like your insurance agency is trying to keep his income the same and not lose part of your account.

I live in Illinois. My son is 30 years old with bad credit. He needed a truck and the only way was for my husband and I buy it. My son does not live with us. He lives with his wife and mother-in-law and they are all on one policy. Do I need to be on that policy also? Thanks

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