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Will my insurance total my car?
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Will my insurance total my car?

i currently have a blown head gasket in my car, i have progressive insurance. i have only liability, but the highest amt. in all the categories, Just no comprehensive. i called them and they told me i have to take care of the head gasket out of pocket because it is a maintenance issue. but i asked her if my motor was to blow if they would consider my car totaled, and give me the value of my car as if i had a wreck. she didn't really have an answer, she said a blown motor might fall under the maintenance category, but she wasn't sure how they would handle it. what do you all think? i really don't have the money to pay for a new head gasket, and im not planning on intentionally blowing my motor or anything stupid like that, but if it were to happen would i get my little check from the insurance company


If all you have is liability coverage - you will have to pay out of pocket for anything that happens to your car. You have no coverage for physical damage to your car. As others have said - Liability pays for damge/injuries you cause to other people. It does not pay for your car.

Even if you had collision or comprehensive coverage - Progressive (or any other insurer for that matter) would not pay for a blown head gasket. That is a maintenance issue and is specifically excluded.

If the cost to repair the blown head gasket is more than the value of the car (where it running) then the car is a total. If you can't fix the car, then I suggest you contact a local scrap yard and see what they would by the car as scrap for - then go purchase another car.

fighting saints
There is no legit way for you to get paid for this by your insurance. Insurance does not cover maintenance issues. It is not a warranty coverage, it is an accident coverage. Blowing the motor is not covered .......... period.

Besides, You only have liability coverage which does not cover any physical damages to your car, only to other cars you run into.

Sorry, but you're on your own here.

Regardless of whether you have liability only or you purchased every coverage Progressive offers, mechanical breakdown (whether it be the blown head gasket or damage to the engine because of the blown head gasket) is NOT covered.

Forget this line of thinking -- Progressive, as all insurers, will only pay for COVERED losses, such as fire, theft, flood, collision, etc. An internal engine failure will not get paid under your insurance policy.

Game over.

If you have liability only, they will not total your car as liability only covers the damages that the other guy has if the accident is your fault.

No insurance company will cover damages caused by lack of maintenance. If your car is not drivable due to a blown head gasket, that is on you to fix, not your insurance company to replace.

It is your responsibility t maintain your car, not your insurance company's.
If you do not maintain your car, it could invalidate your insurance.

Liability coverage is for any damage sustained to the other parties vehicle if your at fault for an accident. It does not cover you or your vehicle.

Even if you did carry comprehensive, a blown head gasket IS a maintenance issue and not covered under your policy. IF your engine blew, again, it is considered a maintenance issue and there is no coverage. If you went back to them stating it was due to an accident, you still have no coverage under collision...and if you did, you'd be committing fraud.

al t
years ago I ran outta gas and the car stalled....I couldn't start it up because there was no gas in the tank....I called my insurance company and said I wanted to collect on my "collision"....they said no, I had to "comprehensive"....I said, Ok, I'll fill out the necessary paperwork....I called again after waiting about a week, then the same girl said no, not "comprehensive", but I had to "comprehend"....I said "comprehend what?" ..."comprehend that you are a total moron" she said....I said, OK, but still mail me the check....moral of the story? Yes, you must comprehend that you are a total moron for asking such a stupid question.

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