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Will my traffic ticket show up on my insurance...or how does this work?
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Will my traffic ticket show up on my insurance...or how does this work?

So last night I pulled an illegal U-turn in Hudson WI...
The cop said the ticket bottomed out at $83.80 which is what it is written for. It also was going to take 3 points off my license but only in WI and Im from MN...
He only wanted my license and dint ask for my insurance info... If I just pay the 84 bucks whats going to happen as far as insurance?
Thanks for the help


panda u
You can compare how the insurance quotes would change, for example here - car-insurance.66ghz.com

vicki g
Both insurance companies and DMV have access to your police record, whether you tell them up front or not.

If you are convicted of the offense, which you will be unless you appear and get lucky, just paying the fine is the same as entering a guilty plea, you will get the points and it will show on your driving record. When your insurance renews your record at renewal time, they will see the ticket and the points, and will evaluate your current risk factor. If they find this adds to your risk, your premium may increase. One ticket on an otherwise spotless record might not cause a rise in rate.

If you appear, the judge may allow you to attend traffic school to keep the conviction and points off your record, but it will wind up costing you more than potentially what the increase in rate would be. Judgment call on your part I guess.

Nigel M
they will know.

Go to traffic school to keep the ticket off your DMV record. Ask the judge for traffic school.

Betta breeder
Depends on the insurer. Some give you some grace and allow one ticket, others don't. I suggest you do some insurance shopping.


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