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can my husband switch a car title from mine name to his without my signature?
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can my husband switch a car title from mine name to his without my signature?

my husband and I separated and I won't give him the truck, but he says that the law says after thirty days I don't have to sign it and he can put it in his name without my signature.


Stephen K
Look at the title, is it in your name with no signatures? If so, he has no rights to it whatsoever (unless dictated by a divorce court). If he forges your signature, that is illegal and you can have him arrested.

He's wrong or just outright lying.

David W.
How is the truck titled now? If it says "you and him", then no, he can't; it would take both signatures to sign it over. If it's "you and/or him", he probably can. I doubt that there's any law that would let him do what he says he can.

It depends on the wording. If the title reads John AND Jill then both must sign the title. If it reads John OR Jill, than either can sign for a transfer/sale

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