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contacting DVLA for lost log book?
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contacting DVLA for lost log book?

i bought a new car about 3 weeks ago, and the old owner said he sent the log book back to the dvla the same day. when i emailed the dvla asking where it was they said they had not recieved it.

i tried to ring them up and its all automated messages and i cant get through to anyone. it told me i had to get a lost form and it would cost ME £20 to replace it even though ive never recieved it.

First question is what do i do now? who do i blame

and seconadly, does anyone know a number i can call at the dvla where i talk to a real person



Timbo is here
If you have the new keeper supplement from the previous owners log book it will not cost you more than a stamp to send off the V62 form from the post office.
If the transfer has not been done properly and you have not got the new keeper supplement then it will cost £25.

See here http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Motoring/BuyingAndSellingAVehicle/AdviceOnBuyingAndSellingAVehicle/DG_4022404

Pauline B
Hi the same thing happened to me. They tell you to wait at least 6 weeks for your new log book to come through as it can take that long to process the new log book and send it to you. If you haven't got it by 6 weeks get a V62 form from your local post office. When you bought the car you should have got a green slip from the old log book send this away with the V62. You don't have to pay anything for your new log book as there is a bit on the V62 that you tick saying you are the new keeper but have never received the log book.

Replacing a lost or stolen registration certificate


All you need know without phoning, also if you have the green new keeper supplement then you don't need to pay (photocopy it before you send it off with the V62).

There are no real people employed at the DVLA just idiots, I hope you have got your bit of the log book that the old owner should have given to you otherwise you could well have been ripped off with a ringer.

Timbo is spot on!

"Pauline B" and "Timbo is here" are correct.

I would suggest waiting the full six weeks as it could be sitting in a mailbag in the DVLA Swansea post room waiting to be processed.

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