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A cop wrote the wrong date on my ticket.... can it be cancelled???
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A cop wrote the wrong date on my ticket.... can it be cancelled???

i got in a lot of **** last night from a speeding ticket... but i got a ticket for driving past 12am with a provisional license... but i didnt know that i had to get it changed after a year. im 19 and have had my license since i was 17, and your only on provisional for a year. But i guess since i neve rgot a new one technically im still considered provisional... anywho... the sop wrote 4//08/09 on the ticket and thats the wrong year, this is gona be a hefty fine... is there anyway to get this thrown out cause its the worng date??
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i live in NJ


White D
I think not.Cops make mistakes like everyone else.

No chance of it getting thrown out because of the wrong date. Especially since its the wrong year which is in the future...maybe they will make you wait till next year to pay it hahaa...no but seriously highly highly doubt that will affect it. they can just make the 9 an 8 and done.

That is not enough of an error to get the ticket dismissed.

Forget it, the wrong date WILL NOT cancel the offense.

Its still valid, and in the state that i'm from the MVA sends you a paper card to keep with your drivers license to upgrade from your provisional to your full drivers license.

If its your first offense, take it to court...likely you'll get a probation before judgement, which can mean they'll lower or get rid of the fine and if you have anymore tickets within a certain period of time, you'll lose your license for awhile.

If its not your first offense, its better to just pay the fine.

You're not getting out of it because of the wrong date on the ticket..unfortuneately

David H
You should go to court. The fact that you even have a provisional license is a paperwork error.

"But i guess since i neve rgot a new one technically im still considered provisional..."

You need to find out if this is correct. You have a valid license. I would think it should automatically become non-provisional after a certain amount of time. I wouldn't blindly trust the fact that you have a provisional license. Especially when you found out about it from an officer who doesn't know its 2008.

It's amazing how many people give bad legal advice on here. When in doubt, let the court figure it out. Your taxes pay for the courts. Use them. I go to court whenever I get a ticket(3 times in 20+ years). I've always managed to get a break. I can't promise you will, but it's worth a try. Dress nicely for court, and remember to remain professional at all times. Never tell a court official you are representing yourself unless they ask very specifically. If they ask "who are you representing?" just say your name.

alex h
Sorry no matter what happens...no one is above the law!


Wounded Duck

What state are you in? I do not believe it's required that you go to DMV and "change" your license after one year. It's no longer provisional after the time period that you were told.

I wouldn't fight the ticket based on the date. That doesn't work. But you may want to do some research as to where or not your license was actually provisional at the time you were cited for that violation. That may give you a better shot.

Bonnie C
Don't get your hopes up....if he/she shows up in court, it can be corrected. I assume the court date is right. It will probably get caught anyway, by him/her, or by the "citation clerk", or whoever submits it..... Or if they just catch it and correct the original before turning it in.....many possibilities.

accually u may be able to fight that. the ticket must be accurate to count. I got a tickect that incorrectly stated the color of my car...and i got out of it. it may depend on your state. idk....but its worth a shot. it worked for me.

Heather V
no it does not matter, the ticket is still valid

Matt P
No, but it would be nice to have it thrown out. The wrong date on the ticket shows that the cop isn't perfect and isn't always right.

Daffyd M
possibly because it's technicaly inaccurate, but you might need a lawyer to fight this properly and that wouldn't be worth the cost

Carrie T
I think you have a decent shot at it. Take it to court and fight it!

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