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ADVICE NEEDED: got caught speeding, double the speed limit, going to court. help!?
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ADVICE NEEDED: got caught speeding, double the speed limit, going to court. help!?

i got caught speeding on a dual carriage way ...i didnt realise i was going that fast radar police caught me clocked 80mph and its a 40mph zone. he said hes not issuing a ticket just going to send me to court for them to decide. whats going to happen to me? am i going to get a ban? fine? prison? been driving for 3years 10months now and nothing up till now. any advice would be nice thank you.
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thanks for the replys, i was just chilling in my car, i thought i was going 60 to be honest, but apparently i was going 80mph. that area is a hot sport apparently "boy racers" etc ...my car being a 2.0l gti didnt help.

WTF prision for a week? that cant be right?

...thanks for advice on defferment mate.

i need to know what to say to get out of this mess. i was very sorry to the police and he got annoyed with me grr.


Adam B
IN THE UK... Any more than +30mph over the speed limit is normally seen as an automatic BAN nowadays by most Magistrates...

You might be able to get the period reduced if you can plead that a ban would 'Cause Extreme Hardship' to another person... either your wife, children or Boss, if having a driving ban causes you to lose your job thereby affecting the income that you need to support others, or if your employer needs you to be able to drive to perform your duties, and He or his business would suffer...

Basically if you can argue thet it would cause hardship to someone else, then the courts will normally not impose a ban, but give you more points or higher fine instead. They may also still ban you for a short period like 2 weeks, which you would have to take off work.

Note that you cannot use the fact that it will cause hardship to YOU, because that is what it is meant to do!


DON'T WAFFLE or MAKE EXCUSES in Court! Just hold your hands up, say it was a mistake, you thought it was a Dual Carrigeway (speed limit 70mph)... Don;t forget, the Judges have heard all the excuses b4!

Nadia K
that'll teach ya.

I hope you get fined and suspended for a looooong time. Doing 80 mph in a posted 40mph zone? You obviously do not think or care about others out there. Other people lives never entered your mind. With a long suspension, you have lots of time to think about that while waiting at the bus stop.

No sympathy here.

Buy a bicycle.

Spooky Mouse
Ermmm.. I hope your good at catching buses!

double the speed limit = BAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SORRY MATE ....maybe next time you will look at your speedo more !! and points to, your insurance will rise to.

We don't like strangers
Definately a ban.


Jake S
Bring a (good) lawyer and expect a very expensive fine, some jail time (no more than a week), and skyrocketing insurance rates.

If there was no ticket, how are you bound to appear in court?

16+ miles per hour over the speed limit is reckless driving. Doubling the speed limit is just plain stupid. If I were the judge you would be walking for at least a year.

Unfortunately for you the time of night is no excuse.

My guess is that you will recieve a ban, somewhere in the region of 3 months, and a fine of a few hundred pounds.

Definitely not a custodial sentence.

As for what to say in court....... accept that you were speeding and don't try making excuses or waffling to the Magistrates.

Goodbye licence for 3-6months plus a hefty fine. Unless you have pre-cons you will not be jailed. Best to say as little as possible in Court. 'Sorry, my concentration lapsed, I was out driving going over serious family issues in my head'.

You will probably lose some points and get a fine.
If I was you I would just apologise to the court and say it won't happen again and nothing else, don't start making silly excuses.

Have the court asked for probation to be involved?

I think you'll be fined and then maybe have to go to some class. I don't know how many points you get taken away for double the speed limit. I don't think you will be banned unless you loose all your license points and you have previous convictions. However expect it to be very expensive. For example in some places is $50 for speeding and $5 for for every extra mile over the speed limit. It varies from state to state. So, I'm guessing 5*40 = 200 + 50 s at least $250 easily. Maybe more. Plus your insurance may go up.

The judge may give you some leniency. It depends on the judges mood. That is if his wife hasn't been putting out expect a hefty fine. I doubt that he will let you go unpunished but you can ask for a reduction. That is say that you are inexperience and that you where not doing it on purpose and that you understand that you have to pay for speeding but if he could be lenient on the amount. Ir may not work but is worth a try.

Allie c
First you were going 40 over the limit, mattering were you live the police may have a limit of the over speed before they have to give you a ticket by law to go to court. Then the judge will decide from their on. More likely you will get a fine of an amount then get points taken of your license.

bobby v
In my state(FL) doubling the speed limit can get you a felony.Wreckless endangerment.I'd guess if you have a good record{both traffic and criminal} and a good lawyer You'll get 6mnths to a yr without license plus a hefty fine with some comm service.W/O the above mentioned things you may face jail time.

tell the judge youve been living in europe and thought the sign was in metric. ;)

If it is your fist offense, ask for a defferment. They gave me one for doing 15 over. A defferent is basically were you say your are very sorry and wont do it again for 7 years. You have to pay the ticket full but the record does not go on your insurance.

Paul C
I have recently received a SP30 which brings me to 9 points and have decided to just do the obvious .... obey the speed limit. I'll tell you exactly what you will get below.

A fine dependent on your salary... the more you earn the greater it will be.... and 6pts on your license. I've been there done it. 30 mph over the speed limit will not give you an instant ban that is false information. We live in a big brother state ... unfortunately so its best to conform. Don't hire a solicitor as the court will have its own ... this will just add to the costs of the fine. Also ... you wont go to jail they have enough crims in them already. ;-) Good Luck mate ... Paul (UK)

Just me.
He has to give you a ticket in order to charge you with something to show up in court.

Here in UK the fuzz cannot do what they seem able to do to you in the States. First of all here in England we have English Law and this states that a person is presumed innocent before being 'proven' guilty. In other words, UK fuzz can issue a ticket, they can even breathalise a driver and even inspect him and his car and the contents thereof. What they cannot do is frog-march a person off to court or make any such suggestion.

Boy you have a big problem in USA right now.

Back in 2006 your President, the much loved Geo.W.Bvsh Esq., repealed one of the last remaining English Laws in the USA, the Law of Habeas Corpus.

What is the Law of Habeas Corpus? This is a law passed in the House of Commons in the 17th century wich made it illegal to arrest any person and place them in prison without trial.

Americans, because you no longer have the protection of this English Law, passed in the House of Commons and guaranteed by the Kings Magestie, you can be thrown into jail and held there indefinately without trial.

Visit the site below and join the Revolution today to regain your birthrights from a despotic administration.

Habeas Corpus Defined and Explained
Definition of 'Habeas Corpus' - Lat. 'you have the body' - Prisoners often seek
release by filing a petition for a writ of habeas corpus. A writ of habeas ...
http://www.lectlaw.com/def/h001.htm - Cached

Habeas corpus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The state inherited habeas corpus as part of the common law when it seceded ...
The law which regulates the procedure is the Law of Habeas Corpus of 24 May ...
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Habeas_corpus - Cached

Military Commissions Act of 2006 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Act changes pre-existing law to forbid explicitly the invocation of the Geneva
Conventions when executing the writ of habeas corpus or in other civil ...
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_Commissions_Act_of_2006 - Cached

The death of habeas corpus - Countdown with Keith Olbermann- msnbc.com
He’s managed to kill the writ of habeas corpus. ... continue to do everything
within the limits of the law to get information that can save American lives. ...




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finger lickin` good
hopefully just a fine and 3 points on your licence

their are ways you can get out of it, Like my old man been caught 7 times speeding you just need to pul it real good. First demand proof that the macine was working properly and state u was not speeding. Look online i can tell you their are tricks and tips that i KNOW work every well.

David P
First off, plead guilty, pay £1 over the fine, so if its £250, then pay £251, they'll send you a cheque for the £1 but do not cash it, rip it up, burn it or whatever, as long as they are in debted to you, they cannot add any points to your licsence, and cannot enforce any action............
I have been told this by several people and have heard nothing to contradict it, worth a try, some daft loop hole in the law again, if they owe you money, they cant do anything til the case is closed, that means you have money you are owed by them, until you have it, they cant enforce any thing..........

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