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Are women better at shooting a firearm or men?
Find answers to your legal question.

Are women better at shooting a firearm or men?

I kow the answer. I want to know what you think. I.E. I am a firearm safty instructor.


Ok, generally speaking...
Women tend to have slightly better hand-eye coordination and faster reflexes (why they make better jet-fighter pilots,too). However, firing a gun well takes hand and forearm strength to control the weapon, which men tend to do better with. Of course there's also the psychological factors. Women tend to be more fearful of guns, however more receptive to training and instruction.
So, for my experience; Light weight/low power guns, a woman might do better. Heavier or more powerful, a man might do better. Overall it balances out I find.

Women are better at shooting men

only if it's at a man

I see one man and one woman are best.
men are better, but they have a bigger deviation

Men by far.

I think shooting is genderless. My husband taught me how to shoot.

I think if a woman had the same level of training and experience, she would be the better shot. Women have better "eye-hand" coordination.

I have been shooting pool since childhood, and I can kick some butt against men or women.

Don't tell the guys, it hurts their egos, and I see no reason for that...

Barry DaLive
I don't think it makes any difference. Ive been on the range with women who could not hit the broad side of a barn and some that shoot like a champ and the same for men. I think it's all about how well trained you are and how much confidence you have in yourself.

The best shooter I know is a man.

Mr Ed
Some are, most are not.

U say u know the answer but ur asking the question hmmmmm. But anyway I say me being a woman u teach us to do something and we'll run with it. Us as woman take more pride and care into the most lil details of our job. Weather it be shooting people r putting out fires hehehe. So us women can do just as good as u men if not better...

kay w
Sure they were on 'charlies angels'. out of that NO.

I do not believe you can pick one over another. Lets start with an example for my point, you have a liberal who has lived in the city all of his life and the closest he has ever come to a weapon was his great grandads shotgun hanging on the wall 30 years ago, and then you have the young lady who grew up in the country out west and has shot several types of firearms continuously her entire life. Which one would be better at the range, in combat?

The argument can easily be flipped. Since more men shoot than women I do not believe you can make an accurate comparison.

Also, there is the left eye, right eye dominance issue, most women seem to be left eye dominant and this would actually make the determination of "best" even more complex. Did you think of that one?

Women are generally better shots.


In my experience it's the shooter, not the gender.

It depends on what you mean. Historically, women are more accurate than men, but men are better with moving targets. I met a lady that was prior Army who could easily out shoot most of the men in her commands. From what I understand, it has to do with their bodies.

Yes. They are better standing calm at the range. However (and only from my experience and little knowledge) it is instinctive for men to agressively attack someone. It is not genetically encoded to women to want to physically hurt someone. It is instinctive for women to survive though. My assumption is they are a little better at the range, but not as accurate during the real thing.

My guess, they are actually a little better at it statistically.

from a sit-at -the-bench point of view i can see why you would want to have a bunch of women that will listen and follow ur every word you little freak you ... but in real life most women dont have the strength to hold a steady aim and the nerve to hold up in a combat situation ... some do .. but not many.

I think that you cannot say if one is better, because it depends on how much you practice, and there might be a girl who Had problems with guns, so then she is worries, but then there could be the same thing with a guy, it really depends on the situation and maybe practice. And i think girls might have a problem with killing stuff.

i think that guys might have more of an advantage,

I dont think the gun is to heavy for girls at all, like that other guy sais. Its not that at all, i just think guys they could be better, in a lot of cases i am sure they are, but it would be really interesting to hear which one actually is. It just seems like guys have an instinct er somthin. although, if it came to haveing to shoot at a man, i dont know, a girl would probably kick butt.

Tammy C
Well I would say that any woman who truely tried could become a crackshot, easily, since it's scientifically proven that we use more of our brain than do men.

Yes, women are better at shooting on a average then men are.

Daniel L
Women are better at hitting static targets. Under combat pressure with distractions and moving targets, men tend to be better (in my experience). But this might be that there are far fewer wemen in combat so the statistics are under represented.

High-strung Guitarist
Well, I was better in my trial than most of the guys in my class. I'm not sure if I was "the best", but a lot of people say I'm good, so... I don't know.

if you are a firearm instructor-why did you waste the effort posting the question?

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