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Can I be arrested if a warrant is issued in a different state than where I live?
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Can I be arrested if a warrant is issued in a different state than where I live?

I was told that I had an arrest warrant issued for me in the state of Texas. I currently live in Minnesota. Is it possible for me to be arrested here? If so how? I was accused of stealing something ( valued at $800) and it was never proven. The detective we are dealing with is very difficult.


Yes you can. If you are stopped for any reason and questioned by police and they run your D.L. # through NCIC it will come back as a hit. You will be arrested. The police do not have to have a copy of the warrant in hand all they need is the Warrant #. It is up to the Texas authorities to file for extradition. If they feel you are a threat to society they will come and get you.

Ramona-please step back!
If they are willing to extradite, then yes...

Yes, you can be. Why don't you just clear that trifling matter up so that you don't have to worry?

gang busters
dont steal in our state.

If you get stopped for something and when they run your license or ID, if they see that you have a warrant in Texas they will hold you overnight and give Texas the opportunity to extradite you.

fluffy in Cali
If Texas extradites on the offense.

If Texas decided to make an issue out of it, they would ask the police in the city where you live to serve the warrant. However, they would then have to return you to Texas, which would mean sending an officer to escort you back. Hardly cost effective, so I seriously doubt they would do it.
BTW, of course it was "never proven". You skipped out of the state before the warrant was served and you went to trial.

Yes, its in all police reports in ever state. They work together you know to fight crime.

Yes, if they want to pursue you they can. States have extradition policies in place. If the detective is difficult, he will probably pursue you.

contact a lawyer so you can get it resolved, it could cause years of problems

I am no expert, but I think that if you get stopped or pulled in in MN and they run a check on your and find the warrant from TX, they can hold you. Interesting choice of words, "accused but never proven". did you do it?

yes but i dosent mean that you can always go to jail it depends if shows up at your local police station sumtime it does some times it doesnt but it always shows up in state troopers and sheriffs

Yes you can be arrested on the out of state warrant. The probability is low though. Court cost for extradition would make it so. Next time in Texas you get pulled over you're busted. No statute of limitations as they know who they are looking for.

hope that if you are ever arrested they don't look for warrants from other states. you can just serve for your little minor offense in minnesota but if you do something that makes me want to look deeper, you are in big trouble.

if this detective wants to, he can put the warrant out for you and contact law enforcement in your county or city. they could issue it and if it is really bad, you can expect a trip to texas soon:)

The only way theres a chance of the US not being able to arrest you is if you are across the US Border

IF they want to spend the money to come get you...thats pretty far for petty theft. I bet they wont ..But ..dont ever go back to Texas or anywhere close and get pulled over

I had the same kind of question,
And and someone with 15 years Law Enforcement Experience said that it won't affect it. If it makes you feel any better, Here is the response he left on the other question:

"Since the DMV is the agency that issues ID's and licenses, they are not tied into the states criminal databases so USUALLY DMV will have no knowledge of any outstanding charges, citations or warrants on you when you go to get an ID.

However, if you have had a license in TX before and it was suspended/revoked, DMV will have that information in their databases & the reason why your license was susp/revoked."

I really hope this helps you out.

That would require extradition papers in order to be in forced.

Technically, yes, you can be arrested, if Texas has a bond out for your arrest. It would come up in the system for a routine traffic violation or any number of things. But you'd have to be tried in Texas. And Texas would have to pay for you to come there. In this case, I don't think Texas would pay to expedite you for your (relatively) harmless crime case.

*Just Bliss*
once you have a warrant if they find you than they will take you away.

El Scott
Yes you can be arrested. If Texas wants to extradite you from MN then you can be arrested by any law enforcement officer that comes in contact with you and confirms there are warrants for you in TX and they are willing to extradite you. If you could not be arrested in MN for a crime committed in TX then people would go from State to State breaking the law. I don't know why you even have to ask this question. If you get pulled over (or come in contact with the Police some other way) and the Officer runs you through NCIC (and Texas has put the warrant in the system) then the officer will see you are wanted in TX.

There must have been some sort of proof because a judge issued a warrant for your arrest.

Probably. But the cops would come and get you and take you back to texas to face the charges.
But they must not you that badly since noone has come along yet.

Jacob Lease
Democracy is a wonderfull thing!You see the Texas police cant cross their borders.So id say your alright if its never proven.And i hate the detective that is always a jack ,,,

Everyone makes mistakes, people are kinda harsh on here don't listen to them. Yes you can get arrested if the warrant is issued. I am a Correctional Officer and we get inmates from all states that have been caught for other warrants.

No , you have nothing to worry ablut . Just go in to any police station , where you live , now . And just tell them you have an arrest
warrant in a different state .

watch this

Jesus has my soul
yes now you have crossed interstate line I think your gonna be in more trouble if caught and yes if you get pulled over or asked to show your ID your in the data base country wide. You should go back to Texas and just turn yourself in or just make a court appointment and just show up, 800.00 is not going to put you in Jail but not defending yourself could

not that i know of. it seems that you couldn't go to texas if you did they could pick you up. but if you did this i would want to clear my name if i were you cause it can be bad if you leave it there i would save up and send the money its not right and you knwo this.

why did you steal!!!!!!! i got nothn 2 say 2 u!

In Texas you could get arrested

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