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Can I report a person with an outstanding arrest warrant?
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Can I report a person with an outstanding arrest warrant?

I'm a single mom to a three month old little girl, I haven't spoken to the father for 8 months. I have a child support order but my ex cannot be found. He has an outstanding warrant out for his arrest. I know that he's going to be at a certain place at a certain time; can I call the police station and inform them? Will they do anything about it?
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The warrant is not related to a court order. It was innitially for driving under suspension, but he dodged court for 7 months and now has an outstanding bench warrant with a bond set at $4000.


If that's what you want to do, then yes. If he's driving a car, try to get the license plate number. Before you call have as much information as you can. Full name, height, weight, date of birth, etc. The Police may want to do a name check first. also make sure he is at the location before you call.

Of course call and report him, you have nothing to lose with that loser. You can also go to the place where he is supposed to be at and kick his a*ss for non-payments. Do absolutely everything you can to enforce the child support. Don't leave it just like this for him. It will be good if he gets arrested because this way you will know exactly where he is at and how to get him. He can obtain an employment at the facility and send you the payments, at least something is better than nothing. Do not get off his back ever until you collect every penny that he owes to his child. Go to the superior court of your county and ask there what you can do to enforce the child support. Also contact the child support collection agency of your state. Do whatever it takes, but don;t let him to get away with non-payments.

And don;t listen to all these MotherF*uckers like *BELL* on here like "raise your child with a pride" and other sh*it. *BELL* you can go ***** yourself, ******! lol :)

Of course you can inform the police, but whether they will do anything about it probably depends upon what the warrant is for. If he is being sought for a violent crime, they may well try to arrest him. If it is solely related to the child support order, the police may be less motivated to intervene.

heck yeah! if they have a warrant out for him they WANT someone to call them. they will come get him. if you know where he works or lives you can give them that info also and they will come get him.

Dallas S
Go a head and call it in but don't get up set if the cop do nothing.

Holding A Star
It depends on where you live, how proactive the police are, and whether or not they are busy at the time. I have personal experience with this, as I've had to do something similar. The person in question was at work during the day, and was arrested and sent to rehab for 4 months.
I felt bad at the time, but it was in all of our best interests and he has since said if he hadn't been 'accidentally' arrested, he would still be messed up.

I believe you can. They should do something about it ...

California Street Cop
Cops love tips. Call him in. They'll get him...possibly. In my city we don't book on warrants under $5K. If a warrant is under $5K they get a warrant citation, basically a new court date.

To this poster "hate the game you playing." Shut it.

Depends on alot of factors really and the area you live. If it was a non violent misdemeanor , chances are they wont rush and take care of the issue. If It is a serious or violent misdemeanor or a felony , usually they will send someone out to investigate the issue and once they have ID and confirmed warrants will take action. Also keep in mind even if they do respond and its say a misdemeanor from another state such as Not Paying a Fine , there is a good chance the other state wont wanna travel across state lines , unless of course its like only 50 miles away, cause they know it will cost them more money than it is worth. So the answer to your question is honestly , depends on the kind of warrant , etc etc.

You most certainly can report a person with an outstanding warrant all you have to do is call your local police department and tell them the best part about it is that you can do it anonymously ,and they should apprehend the person accordingly.

Most definatly, thats about the best thing to do, the cops LOVE tips like these! It also depends on the severity of the charge, if it's big enough, they'll go after him, if not, they'll still get him, but not as fast

You sure can, and it would serve him right. He has not taken responsibility for his baby daughter. Do it anonymously, just to avoid any come back on yourself and your baby.

And that going to make you feel better ?
I'm sure him being locked ,you going to get the child support you so desire .
You choice him to be your baby's father ,now pay the consequence's ,raise your child with some pride,get you a job ,and quit using the government for help ,and using the system for your own benefit's ,this is your daughter father ,and one day she's going to ask question's ,stop hating and do something productive with your life ,like raising your 3 mth old .
no time for crying for spilled milk ,clean it up ,with some respect for yourself .quit being vindictive.
you a mother ,time to fill the shoe's ,you play the game ,now it's time to pay.
don't hate the messenger ,hate the game you playing.

Joseph, II
You can always try... But don't hold your breath about the police DOING anything about it. The "tag" may conflict with their coffee break. :)

lisa k
yes you can, but it might not be worth it if he hasnt done something really wrong, the cops might not go get him.

yep. you can. nail that dude to the wall. call in anonymously though.

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