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Can a 12 year old go to jail for molesting a child...?
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Can a 12 year old go to jail for molesting a child...?

a kid who knew better, touched another child who was no more than 6-7 years of age, can i put him in jail????


Call law enforcement, make the report, and let the prosecutor decide. I agree, a twelve-year-old knows better.

I would say they could go to a juvinile detention center for a long time over that.

sandra m
a juvinile center yes..you can press charges against him

A 12 year old can get in trouble for molesting a 6 year old. You need to call the cops, or tell the parents because you don't seem like you are the guardian. The guardians of both the 12 year old and the 6 year old need to be informed. This behavior cannot continue, because it will get worse and child molesters are the sickest people I can think of and do belong in jail and not counseling. Who ever thinks that this 12 year old doesn't need to be punished is insane, most 12 year old's don't touch little kids.

yes in a juvenile Detention Center and I would report it.

I would report it and let the chips fall where they may!

A juvenile center, maybe. But certainly that child will be ordered to go to counseling and will be placed on probation monitoring his activities... Oh and the parents or caretakers will not get away that easily, Child Services will investigate his surroundings too

Shadow B*tch
Yes he can,but that's NOT where he belongs.
He needs help while he's still young.
All juvie is going to do for him is make him worse than he is,children get molested by other other children in juvie.
The courts nowadays are so EAGER to lock kids up,that we're not getting to the ROOT of the PROBLEM or even HELPING these kids.
These same kids grow up & that's why there are more and more crimes commited!
Both kids need help and plenty of love to get them through this,yes i said BOTH!

Police Dispatcher
This crime would be way to harsh for juvinille hall. He will be going to jail.

No child belongs in jail, if anything they need counseling and supervision.

Michael M
a borstal

A child can not be charged with child molestation. You need to talk to the parents, and if the situation is not resolved then you may consult the authorites, though all they will do is tell you to keep your kid away from their kid. By the way, if it is not your child (which I assume it isn't since you don't know their age) then you have absolutely no control in this situation and can't do anything whatsoever except tell the parents of the child being touched.

He is just a little kid. And you can't send him to jail or Juv, because he didn't do anthing that bad. People in the Juv. Hill will think your nuts for doing that.

legally they're not molesting the 6-7 year-old until they're over 16.
Also, you can't send a 12 year-old to jail.

We have had a similar situation and did press charges and the offender was found not guilty. We don't know if they charged him wrong or they didn't believe us or what, no explanation was Given. My daughter is still going to counseling over a year later. It took us about a year to get through court and get verdict . We lost several family members due to this as they defended. Him. I would do it again tomorrow if I had it to do over again. We did what we had to do to try and get justice for our daughter. Unfortunately we did not get it and it would be my guess that this will only inbolden him. I HOPE for the sake of other children that he learned a lesson but when your family goes to court and lies for you I highly doubt it did.

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