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Can a cop ask to search a bag or pockabook thinking your carring something illegal?
Find answers to your legal question.

Can a cop ask to search a bag or pockabook thinking your carring something illegal?

Can a cop ask to search your pockets or anything your carrying with you for just being suspicious if you didn't do anything wrong.


He can ask you; you do not have to consent.

Phillip B
If he has probable cause that you've done something illegal. If you're going to a public place like a sporting event or something you consent to that search prior to entry.

Paul G
yes and no if he does not have consent he can arrest you that is right then he as it but you can appeal that

but you will be searched oh and ask him to warm the night stick up if your a good looking girl cause I heard stories about that too!

This is pretty vauge. There was more to this. Was it a frisk or a full full search. What happened before this? There is more to the story.

maggi r
know your rights!

H. Moonshine
he can ask and if really truly belives u have something he can get a search warrent. but by then u might get rid of the thing u are trying 2 hide!

mike g
probable cause

legalize weed :)
NNNNOOOOOOO a cop is not alowed to walk up to you and ask you to empty pockets.also ther not alowed to just up and search your car but they might bring out th e dog wich is just trained to bark on command.so a cop asked to search you tell him **** off pig oink oink.

jeffrey d
Yes they can but if you refuse they then have to go before a judge
and request a warrant. At the time it is presented to the judge they would have to show probable cause and state what they are looking for. They cannot state that they are looking for a stolen piano by someone fitting your description and look in your back pack knowing full well that they could not find a full size piano in a back pack.

Permission to search denied without a warrant.

Yes he can ask you, you do not have to allow him

I agree with Neddie..you need a warrant or a probale cause...you can get a lawyer too if he did it without your consent

not without a warrant or probable cause,,,, get a lawyer

They can ask you anything! You don't have to say "YES".

yes, he can ask you, but you dont have to let him. if you were to say no, he would have to get a warrant to search you.

They can ask you, but you don't have to let them...because they don't have a warrant against you to do so...the only people that could do this are officials such as security guards and private investigators...emphasis on private...

Mr. Mister
hahahha. I love these answers you are getting. lmao.

a SMART cop can do just about anything. hear me?

now. to answer your question: can he ask? absolutley. He can ask, what you had for breakfast. Do you have to tell him? no.

You say you did nothing wrong. I'll say this again. a SMART cop, can do just about anything. I hope you hear this.

Sure he can ask. Unless the officer feels that there is the potential for immediate danger or directly observes a person attempting to hide something he can not violate your constitutional right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. If the purse is left inside a vehicle or on the premises of a concensual or warranted search the officer may search. In addition, personal property such as pockets and handbags may be searched following an arrest.

yes but you can say no

A cop can ask pretty much any question you want.

Here's my advice, speaking from experience.

9/10 times, if a cop is talking to you, it's either to try and arrest you, or to try and arrest a friend.

Think of it like this. It's not an officers job to "protect" you, it's an officers job to put people in jail.

I recommend telling them nothing, telling them you do not consent to any search. If they search anyway, lawyer up.

Most importantly, Don't confess to anything. They always tell you "yeah we will work you a deal." What that translates to is "You make our job easier, but you still get screwed."

Don't talk back or be rude. Just don't do anything that you don't have to.

Yes, but you can say no, then he can legally arrest you.

Basically yes. They have to have probable cause but unless you already have a good lawyer they always have probable cause. So better just to go fine and let them do it then file a complaint with their department chief later. That is the best you can do for free.

Wayne A
Yes, he can ask you, but you don't have to consent. If you don't, he can either arrest you (if he has probable cause to believe you have committed a crime), and then he will end up being able to search it anyway (or another officer will, back at the station), or else he'd hafta go get a warrant. But since that's a lot of extra paperwork, usually, especially if he has good reason to believe you've been involved in a crime, he'll just arrest you, and avoid the judge's order.

yes they can in some cases I am very sorry to say. The expansion of powers given to police over the past years go way beyond what I think is right.

If they say you are suspicious, then they can pat you down for weapons, if you are in a known drug area, they can search you for drugs in many cases.

In any event, even though you may refuse to give permission to have your property searched, like a car trunk or whatever, they can then hold you to bring out the drug dogs, or take you and the car to be searched after getting a warrant. Great laws we have eh?

Yes they can all they have to have is a suspicion that you are caring something you are not supposes to now you don't have to consent to it but if you don't have anything to hide then there isn't anything to worry about.

chris l
yes they can, thanx to g.w. bush and the patriot act.

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