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Can a cop ticket a parked car for an expired tag?
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Can a cop ticket a parked car for an expired tag?

This happened in front of my apartment. The registration had actually already been renewed but I forgot to put the new sticker on my license plate.
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My guess is that if I was actually pulled over the cop would not have given me a ticket because I could have shown him the valid registration.


They can. I'll go one further. If you have an expired tag in a private lot..including an apartment building. The apartment building can have it towed at your expense!!!!

Just go down to the courthouse and show them that you've got the sticker. Tell them you hdan't driven the car yet and they'll probably dismiss it.

Good luck! :)


If you had already renewed it and just hadn't put it on the tag, you can usually take that to the courthouse and get the ticket revoked. But, yes, they can ticket you for having an expired tag when it is parked.

Yes. You can take proof of registration in in most municipalities to have the ticket thrown out, but the police are right to ticket an expired sticker wherever they find it. In apartment complexes it helps them identify and remove abandoned and junk cars.

Yes. Expired tags have nothing to do with moving violations.

They can ticket you for an expired tag, but since you have the registration take the new registration and something showing that you did register it before it was up to the clerk. That should enable you to have the ticket dismissed.

Marcus B
yes they can

Dennis G
if it was parked on a roadway yes,..not on private property

Yes in my State its called a hang on ticket. Everyone else already said it but take your registration and show it to the clerk at the Station or court house depending on if it was a local or state ticket. You'll get it dropped.

well it happens in Australia, the government always finds ways to make money, isn't it interesting the the laws are the same? i suppose you have coppers everywhere looking for speedsters and all sorts of of traffic violations, its a very lucrative business. Imagine everyone was perfect and no one broke any traffic laws, they would have to invent a tax or something.

Yes, this would be considered a public area. Now say you live in a house with a yard. He/She can not ticket the Vehicle if it in the back yard or your driveway. BUT, if it parked on the street they can give you a ticket. Hope you see what I saying.

Yes, it's not private property and it's considered part of the street.

Paul Patmyass
if it's on a public road it is fair game

just go to court and show them the sticker

Evidently he can, because he did, but I wouldn't think the charge would hold up in court. Of course there may be a law on the books that require a valid license to park on public property to keep junkers off the street..

Who Else?
Yes - here in Florida, they patrol parking lots at various large places of employment, looking for expired tags and out-of-state tags, which they assume should have been registered in Florida when the owner started working. I've even seen them do it in the parking lot at my apartment complex.

you forgot? yeah sure! they can ticket you at anytime anywhere

If it was parked on the street and not on private property ( like a parking lot) then yes they can. If you had already renewed the registration and can prove it with a time stamped receipt or CC transaction then u can probably get the ticket dismissed in court.

Nothing wrong with the cop's action

A lot depends on where you live. If the car was parked on a public street then in most places yes the officer can cite you. In most states or cities you can show that the vehicle was legally registered and the tickett will be dismissed.

oh hell yes, you are lucky thay didnt impound the car, if you were driving it and got a ticket larger fine and points

Root Worker
Yes they can. However, you could probably plead not guilty. Then when you go to court just tell the Judge the truth, that you forgot to place the sticker on the license plate.

You can show that your registration was renewed before the ticket/summons was issued.

You never know what the final outcome will be unless you go in front of the Judge.

Good Luck........

If the vehicle was on private property, the citation is not valid. If the vehicle was on a public street, the ticket was valid. If you have proof that the vehicle was legally registered at the time of the offense, the court should dimiss it.

Depends on where you live, we don't do it in Texas (at least not my dept).

If it is parked on the street, YES! If on private property, NO!

You are innocent on the expired tag charge, but guilty on failure to display. Go to court, and see how the Judge feels about the citation.

Claire L
Yes you can get a ticket for it, regardless of if you're driving or it's parked.

You MAY be able to get the ticket dismissed if you show you have the new registration and when you registered it, but that is entirely up to the judge.

Don't they have anything better to do? They don't go after the real criminals because that would be too dangerous.

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