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Can a passanger get a ticket for being drunk if not driving?
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Can a passanger get a ticket for being drunk if not driving?


in georgia you can not get in trouble just for being drunk in public. you have to be disorderly in some fashion like stumbling into the street or being too loud.

They can still ticket you for public intoxication. Depending on the situation, most won't.

Tincan Navy
drunk in public or public intoxication Laws will vary locally!


Points whore
In some state's they have the open container law. If their is an open container in the car, everybody goes to jail, regardless if the driver was drinking or not.

if you get out of the car they can get ya for public intox

Edward J
Public Intoxication...it happens

Cynethia C
Yes, There was a recent case where a girlfriend was driving the drunk boyfriend home and he was being iggnorant and making it hard for her to drive. When the cop pulled them over and realized that the girlfriend was sober but the boyfriend was an idiot he gave him a ticket for DUI since he was trying to move the wheel as she drove the car. Hope this helps

For causing a disturbance while drunk, but not for any moving violation.

Help is here
it depends. Most states do not ticket for public intoxication. However you could be taken to a detox faculity if the driver of the vehicle gets arrested for DUI and taken to jail or detox and there is no sober person available. Local laws do vary.

Also if you are the onle person in the vehicle and you are in or could be in control of the vehcile at any time it is possible to be charged with DUI

yes they can ticket you or take you to jail for public intoxication

In my state, yes. Being in a public place or a place of resort and being visibly intoxicated is a B misdemeanor. A car on a street is a public place.

It depends on the state and what you are doing. Your best bet is to pass out in the passenger seat and sleep through the stop. The cops will normally give up trying to wake you up after a while, except in places where the cops wear their shades with the reflective surfaces on the inside - those cops will haul you out of the car bodily, slam you on the ground, and break your arm putting the cuffs on you claiming you resisted arrest.

So, the moral of the story is, if you wanna get drunk, do it at home, never leave your house, and dont answer the door if the cops are there.

No and that's why the "DESIGNATED DRIVER" drives so the others can drink.

'' GUV ''
depends on whre you live and the local laws.d.w.i is a nationwide law however different states have different views on passenger drinking. in most cases if you are compliant and respectful of the officer,and someone sober can come get you,he may or may not ticket you for an open container.if you are too drunk to walk and have no ride he can arrest you on public intoxication.either way,both charges are minimal slap on wrist and completley officers discrection,not to mention avoidable.

Master Yoda
Typically no, but if the passenger starts to act a fool, they can get charged with public intoxication, but that's up to the cop.


Yes in most Liberal States.

no, as long as you remain in the vehicle

They can't ticket the passenger for drunk driving, but if the passenger is underaged or acting recklessly they can be ticketed for that.

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