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Can a police officer in another state access my personnal records or driving records from a different state?
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Can a police officer in another state access my personnal records or driving records from a different state?

I have a few unpaid tickets in California and Oregon and want and I'm planning to go to Montana. I'm a little concerned about getting pulled over in Montana because of my unpaid tickets. How much information does a trooper or highway patrolman have access? Can they access all your info from other states? What if you have never had any tickets. Can they still access your personal info like address and such?


If you are pulled over by an officer in any state they will be able to run your name through any other state in the country. Different states supply different things back on a basic license check, generally at a minimum it is name, address, date of birth, and your license status. Many states also supply your convictions history and even for those that dont a separate query can be done to obtain it if they really wanted to.

I am not clear from your post if you plan to move to Montana or just visit. You should also be aware of something called reciporcity. Reciprocity is an agreement between the states to recognize and help other states enforce their laws, it basically makes it so your history follows you wherever you go. This means that if your license in one state is suspended, expired, revoked etc than your right to operate in any other state is also revoked and you will not be able to drive anywhere until you take care of the problem in your home state. This works the other way around to in that if you have a major violation in another state that you do not take care of your home state can be notified and your drivers license there can be suspended. You are only allowed to have one drivers license at a time. If you were to move to Montana you would have a very brief time in which to obtain a Montana license and surrender your home state one (here you have 30 days). If you have unsettled issues in your home state you may have to take care of them before getting a new license.

I hope I pretty much covered it, I wasn't sure if you just wanted to know if the officers pulling you over would know your history (and in theory they would be less likely to give you a break) or if there were some unresolved tickets,fines, etc that you were hoping to just leave behind and be clear of.

Kenneth C
Yes, no problem at all.

Although, you won't go to jail in Montana for unpaid parking tickets in another state.

Yes he certainly can.

Believe it or not, there is reciprocity between all DMVs and that extends all the way up to and including Canada too.

Steven C
yes they can in Montana get your driving record. mostly likely if you did get pulled over and have a warrant they would take you to jail then let you go because the other states are not going to pay for a plane ride back to that state for you.

It really depends on how much information the state that holds the record provides in the response. When you run a California DL IN California, you get quite a bit of information including your name, dob, descriptors, addresses, license date and status, ID date and status, organ donor status, license classification, convictions, suspensions, driving points against, accidents and fault determination. When you run a DL from another state, sometimes all you get is the name, dob, address and license status. Other states give you a ton of information. I don't know for sure how much information the California DMV provides to other states so it's difficult to say that they will have access to it. HOWEVER, if you have enough unpaid traffic tickets in California and you decide not to take care of them before you go, they will suspend your Calif. DL, and you will not be able to obtain a valid drivers license in another state until you clear your Calif. DL. Also, some agencies issue warrants for unpaid traffic tickets and those may come up if they run you for wants. All they need is your name and date of birth to run you for a criminal history, warrants and DL status in another state.

oleg p
YEs with a national database

Your kidding right? If I had your DL number I can find out anything I want. But that is not your big problem.

If you get pulled over (assuming you were speeding or otherwise in violation) in a state that does not have reciprocity with your state you can plan on going to jail, especially if you have warrants out (i.e. unpaid fines, failure to appear).

In Louisiana they routinely confiscate your license and vehicle if you violate traffic laws and your state does not have reciprocity with them.

There are three easy steps to avoiding this. 1) pay your tickets. 2) don't get any more. 3) Act like a responsible adult.

Practically all the states have reciprocal agreement with each other now to share DMV info. , so if you have traffic offenses in other states , you state will know about it.Take care of your fines and tickets now, before you get a rude awakening when it is time to renew your driver's license, or car tags. You will have already been flagged, and you will NOT like the consequenses.

The Chesire Cat
they can access every little detail of your driving record and criminal record by simply running your stats from state to state..

for example: a guy who had moved to 4 different states in less than a year got question when the car he was riding in got pulled over..he had an ID card from Arkansas..the Ohio police found out he had 2 traffic court warrants from Virginia..

Maybe pay the tickets, then there's no need to worry???

yes, certainly. and they should....

Clif S
Pay your tickets cheap *** and yes they can.

Yes. In most jurisdictions they can do it from their car without even getting off their fat asses.

if your pulled over any state can see your whole driving history

if they are only unpaid tickets they will not hold you for that

the city you have the tickets in will only have a small pickup area if its only traffic meaning they will only travel 1 or 2 counties from theres to get you usually 25 to 50 mile radius

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