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Can a police officer of another city stop you?
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Can a police officer of another city stop you?


i dont think s/he can

Kenneth C
Yes they can as long as it is in the same state.

Gordon S
It depends on the laws of your state, I know that in California a police officer can stop you anywhere in the state, but in Texas you are only a police officer in your own city or county unless you are a state police officer then you can stop someone anywhere in the state.

Hardcore Republican
yes they can it's called citizens arrest.

only if he sees you committing a crime

Depends on state law and their own dept policy and procedures. I can stop someone anywhere in my state, it is easier to an officer either locally or county/state dept to write the citation if necessary for ease of court purposes

Nate Dogg
im pretty sure that city cops cant but county or state police probally could dont no ask a cop they might tell u

Tom M
Most Police Officers in major cities are also Peace Officers within the State. They have arrest powers throughout the state and can arrest you if a crime is committed in their presence.

Only if they are pursuing you from a neighboring city/county and have to cross over to another jurisdiction. They may also stop you, if they are working with other law enforcement agencies in the area.

For what, if a police officer from NY is in Boston in uniform in his police car, he will not pull you over for speeding, but if you were wanted on a felony he may pull you over and hold you for the local police.

Also some city police work or are assigned to state drug task forces, When I was a officer one of our guys was assigned to a task force for training, so he was wearing our uniform, and in one of our cars but was out on the interestate 50 miles from our city. In this case he was empowered by the task force to inforce laws there.

Also some city police are also commissioned ( sworn) as county officers so they have authority anywhere in that county

of course, they are "peace officers", they can do it anywhere, arrest you anywhere, etc.

yes they can..

keith c
probably not. but then again , you are dealing with an individual who is falsely self-grandizing to be above Constitution.

i am not too sure about the states but generally this question applies to "jurisdiction" which in turn may vary from state to state, city to city. logic would have it that any arresting police officer would know whether he or she had jurisdiction, without this the arrest is invalid and would not stand in a court of law.

Yes, they can. By law, as a police officer you are a 'peace officer' requiring you to do so anywhere, anytime. However, that doesn't mean an officer can cite you in another city/county. They can stop you and have an officer from that jurisdiction write you up instead.

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