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Can a police officer pull you over for just a suspended driver's license.?
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Can a police officer pull you over for just a suspended driver's license.?


If he has probable cause to believe you are driving w/ a suspended license. Maybe he recognizes you or your car, or ran your plates for another reason and it pops up your name telling him you've got a suspended license.

"Just" a suspended driver's licence?

It's actually an arrestable traffic offence in Ontario, and an offence you can't even give a ticket for, you have to give the person a summons to appear in court.

This is treated as a relatively serious offence.

george 2

You're not licensed to drive. Of course they can pull you over

6.5 x 284
if he knows you and knows its suspended yes..I do it all the time when I see one of my regulars driving....its prior knowledge

"just" for a suspended license?? you're acting like that's not a big deal. chances are you did something bad to get your license suspended...it is against the law to drive with one. are you kidding me?? is this a joke?

Are you kidding?

If the officer knows or reasonably suspects the driver of a vehicle is driving with a suspended license, they most certainly can lawfully pull you over and investigate further.

Truth Hurts
Yes. And they can inpound your car for 30 days (In California).

Absolutely! He can arrest you once he pulls you over for it, too.

Well laws vary from state to state. But in Massachusetts if an officer knows for a fact that you are suspended or revoked, YES he can stop you as well as arrest you. And when I retired 6 years ago, the registry WAS notifying police departments when a license was suspended. They would notify the town or city where the person lived and the cops would know. This info was made available to the cops at roll call.

Yes, furthermore, in my city, the customary penalty is 30 day in jail. It is considered much more serious because it demonstrates a conscious and persistent disregard for the law.

just a girl

Ret. Sgt.
Does a fish fart in water?

How would he know your license is suspended before pulling you over?

Fred P
An officer cannot pull you over (ie, detain you) witout probable cause...in other words, he has to have a valid legal reason to detain you. If he recognizes you from an earlier contact and KNOWS that you have a suspnded DL, then yes - he can pull you over for that.

Once he IDs you and finds out you have a suspended DL, then you'll be arrested.

California Deputy

a officer can pull over that the law if you are driving please don't drive. you will only get into more dep troubles.

If he knows you are suspended he sure can. In my state the car is also impounded for 30 days as well.

First Lady
yes as it is illegal to drive with a suspended license.

Clif S

Dirty Martini
Well DUH. Yes.

And I hope he wrote you up for criminal stupidity as well as driving with a suspended license.

He pulled you over because you were breaking the law!! DUH

Actually NO. Unless the police officer has probable cause to pull you over (speeding, not signaling, etc..), than how does he know who is driving the vehicle? Could be a relative driving a car registered to you.

How would he know you have a suspended driver's license until he pulled you over for something else wrong or you did?

The Big Lebowski
a police officer can pull you over for anything he chooses... as long as he makes up a viable "reasonable cause" after the fact... all that really matters is what goes in the police report, and in that report, its your word against a law officer, you lose every time....

they don't know u have a susp. dl until they run it and then u r f*****ed

They can pull you over for a speck of dirt on your windsheild - that is if they have finished their coffee and doughnut!

a cop can not pull you over becouse he thinks you suspended for all he knows you got it to day go fight it

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