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Can a repo man pose as a police officer?
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Can a repo man pose as a police officer?

My brother has been having trouble keeping up with his car payment and he put me down as a reference. Well last night at around 11:30PM a guy came and pretended that he was a detective and that he needed to ask about the identity theft of my brother. I believed him because my bro recently lost his wallet. I didn't even asked for any ID...(i know I should've). He had on basketball shorts, nikes, and a windbreaker that had "FRAUD INVESTIGATION DEPT" on it. So I called my bro and the guy asked him a bunch of questions about where he works, etc....Later that night my bro was coming home and the guy was waiting for him and asked him about the car he owed money on which wasn't with my bro at the time... Now this morning my brother called me and told me the guy was following him... What do you guys think? Is he allowed by law to pose as a police officer? BTW I live in CA.
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an update: When my bro tried to lose him when the "detective" was following him, the guy called him and told my bro "well i guess you realized i was following you" and so my brother told him that he didn't even know which PD he worked for and all he knows about him was his name and his phone # (which we checked and it was a bogus one btw). And the guy told him he was a detective for the Orange County Sheriff Dept....
And BTW "p_l_gray" , I was talking about the fact that he came under false pretense!!! Not the fact that my brother was having his car reposessed if he would have told us straight out that he was here for the car we would've turn it over to him with no problem!!!


They have to repo the vehicle while mainttaining peace. A repo order is not a court order the ploice have to protect your brothers intrest. Operation Repo is a joke. Iam a CA repo man. You have to repo vehicle in a civil manner or you get into trouble for disturbing peace. agian a repo order from finance co. is not a court order you have a vested intrest in vehicle and it is your vehicle when your in possesion. So if they hook up blcok them in and call the law. The law will make him drop vehicle. Your vested intrest and rights have to be protected by law.

Doesn't matter where you live he can't pretend to be a police officer.


Nothing you say indicated he said he was a police officer, you said DETECTIVE, that could be PRIVATE DETECTIVE

First of all did he actually said he was a police officer? because there could all kinds of detectives. And if he actually said he was a police officer, its against the law to impersonate a police officer.

Did he show you a badge? If not, he could claim he told you he was a PRIVATE detective (and maybe he did, but you forgot in the confusion).
Then he didn't actually impersonate a cop.

did he actually say he was a police officer? if so, that would be illegal.

But if he just said things that may have made you think he was with the police, but never actually said "I'm a police officer", its not illegal. Private investigators and debt collectors use these kind of tactics all the time. They may be shady, but they are not illegal.

Just like Weatherman said,he could be a Private Detective - all that takes is a one week class. If he said he was a Detective, he's not lying. It may make you THINK he's with the police, but he never actually said he was.

ok, it is not the same thing to say you are a detective ( that can be private) if they did not say police detective, or police officer, they let you assume something.

And yes, he worked for his company fraud investigation dept.
fraud on car loans.

This is called letting you believe what you want to.

I doubt he ever said "police" merely officer, or detective and so on. he let you beleive what you wanted.

If he said that he is a detective, then he is not actually posing as a police officer. The police department is not the only agency that hires "detectives".

He could be a private detective. He could have been hired by a repo company as a fraud collection detective.

If he did not specifically say that he is a police officer then he is not posing as one.

It's funny though how you are trying to find blame in someone doing his job because your brother can't pay his bills. I love the "it's mine and I want it even if I can't pay for it" mentality.

What's even more hilarious is all of the answers above. Nobody seems to care that your brother isn't paying for the car he is driving. What is the bigger crime? You being legally tricked by this repo man to give up your brother, or grand theft....


I don't think it's illegal to just say "I'm a dectective". Had he said that he was a detective with the police department, that would be different. Being a private detective is still a detective, it's an occupation, not a rank as with the police department.

No, he cannot impersonate a police offer, it against the law. What your brother should do next time the guy is following him is to drive to a police station. Or he could also call the police when he is being followed and report that he is and has been being followed by a suspicious person. They will respond to where he's at. He should keep driving though and not stop until the police arrive.

Impersonating an officer means to take identify yourself as an officer and then take an action typical of a police officer. If he didn't specifically tell you he was a police officer, deputy sheriff, federal agent, etc...it would be a difficult case. Just because someone wears a shirt or jacket that says something like that, please, ask for ID. Make them say they are a cop. Then I can put them away.

He can pose at a private detective which are sometimes hired by finance companies and it's legal and yes they can follow you and yes they can take the car, until it is paid for its the property of the bank. they can take it off your property as long as they break into a garage to get it. if it's parked outside they can take it. and they do this all hours of the day, but mostly late at night or early in the morning

Impersonation of a police officer is illegal, and a crime.

Vince M
By your description, it does not appear that this person was impersonating a police officer. If he never identified himself as such, and wore nothing that identified him as a police officer, then he was not doing that.

There is nothing, in the law that prevents someone from dressing in a uniform that MAY resemble that of an officer. Security guards, all over the world do that, every day. The "fraud Investigator" wind breaker is probably also legitimate, since that is what repo people are, up to the moment they tow away the vehicle.

These people, and others of that kind, who are doing their jobs cant help if other people mistake them for peace officers. Sometimes that mistake works in their favor.

You say he pretended to be a detective. He didn't have to pretend. He WAS a detective. He was a PRIVATE detective, doing his job.

The ID you, later, thought to ask of him would have identified him as exactly such.

It IS against the law, ANYWHERE, to impersonate a police officer. This guy was not breaking THAT law.

(basketball shorts and Nikes?)

NO WAY! that is totally illegal and it should be reported to the real police for harrasment and im sure he can get other charges put on him.

Martin k
No. That would be impersonating a police officer, which is illegal.

absolutly not, I would report him to the police as soon as possible. you need a repossessor license in CA and if caught , he will lose it

The Wraith of God is coming
NO impersonating a police gets you jail time varies from state to state.



If he can't keep up with the payment, usually they send you a letter or two, call you.

But they WOULD NOT show up at your house at 11:30pm! Come on! Wake up!

You SHOULD have checked the references on HIM if you are unsure!

This is your SAFETY we are talking about! What if he would have killed you or something! I don't want to sound morbid but really, it happens!

Please be careful and call THAT company and check it out!

Did he give you a business card?

No one is allowed to pose as a police officer, it's illegal!

Please call someone and protect yourself!

Mr Mills
no -it's illegal to pose as a police officer

Uncommon Sense
it doesn't matter where you live, impersonating a police officer is illegal. Did he actually claim to be a police officer or did you just assume he was?

China B

intimate encounters productions
no absolutely not

im pretty sure its illegal to do that.

Impersonating a Peace officer is a felony. He could call the police on him. A legitimate Repo can call the police to help them impound the vehicle.


The impersonation of an officer of the law is not only misrepresentation it is also completely illegal. No one may pose as any lawful figure with out having the proper credentials. The repo man CAN however be accompanied by an officer.

Byron Brunski
Call the cops on this soon-to-be FELON.......

curiously strong
this is illegal and you need to report it to your local police department, there is no state in america that allows someone to impersonate an officer of the law. its one thing to have your car repossessed but quite another to impersonate a police officer. if they catch him he will be put in jail report him.

ITs agaist the law,make a police report.

No, Thats impersonating an officer. Report him

no, call the cops, the guy is probably a predatory stalker

woman buisness owner
Question.... I own a buisness in mass- A man walks in my buisness and asked an employee of mine for me..... turns out he is a repo guy looking for my 23 yr old son! He does not say he is a cop however he was insinuating that he was of someone of importance. My question is what are my rights! and can he ask me for money for my adult child and does he have the right to enter my respectful buisness!

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