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Can a violent felon carry a knife in ca?
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Can a violent felon carry a knife in ca?

Hi all. I am considered a violent felon by law. I have an aiding an abbedding (spelling) charge in california for being at a party where my brother got into a fight and shot somebody. They wanted me to testify against him or I would be his accomplice. I chose blood verses anything so here i am. I was put on felony probation for 5 years and have never had any issues with it or violated my probation. I was wondering if someone knew whether or not I am allowed to carry a folding knife that has a 3 inch blade and has double locks for safety. It has a clip and I have worn it for work. Sometimes i forget to take it off after work and am curious if a cop could bust me for walking around with a knife hanging on my pants? Also is it illegal to keep this knife in my pocket? In my car? Or if they would bust me for being a felon with a knife?
Additional Details
Someone said to ask my probation officer. I dont check in at all anymore. I call in once a month. They say im a model proabtioneer. Never violated or anything. And to all the dumbass responses go do better **** with your time!!! Idiots


Yes it is in direct violation of Formal Probationers!

NO!!!! what are you thinking

i don't think it is a felony to carry that kind of knife, i also sometimes take my knife at home from work so then no body steals it from work, even it's the one i paid my own pocket.

this is the knife that i bought.

John S
If it is a condition of your probation that you not possess any dangerous weapon, then, of course, you cannot possess a knife. Other than that, there is no California law which prohibits knife possession by felons (only firearms are prohibited). So long as this is not a switchblade, it is legal under State law to possess it either concealed (so long as it is not in a fixed open position) or openly, although there are prohibitions in some particular places (like schools or public buildings). However, there are some cities and counties which have local ordinances regulating knives, so you will want to check that. (I think these local ordinances are unenforceable, but you don't want to be the person to test the law.)

lil man
yes it is legal but dont shank

I think as long as it was in the states legal guide lines for a pocket knife then you should be fine. If I were you though, I would call your local police station and ask. It would be better to just ask vs. get into more trouble over a pocket knife.

Daron M.
If your above story is true, that is totally messed up. So much for justice in the justice system. Your brother deserved to be prosecuted, but you should not. I would have done the same thing. Despite future hardships that may come from being a felon, just know you did the right thing. They probably already had enough evidence anyway. Sad. I dont know about the law, but unless your on probation, I would assume it is okay to carry a knife. Once your off probation, you're just a regular citizen, with a hairy past. Good luck.

um hhellllooo why do u need it!?!

Lets face it, you want to get busted and you will.....

Excido C
I'm not entirely certain, but I'm pretty sure felons of any violent crime aren't allowed any form of weapon.
In GA, it just means you can't own a gun or carry one / ect (not even at a range)
Check for your local knife laws to see any inch requirements
Edit- just checked around, it looks like it's the same way in Cali. Except it includes 'all forms of weapon'. Don't bother, just learn to use your fists.

I hope not

Ilya T
well you do have 2 protect ur self so keep a weapon in your car or maybe run away to another city

you should know the answer to this! ask your parole officer and have a good reason why you feel the need to carry a knife in the first place. most normal citizens don't.
I think there is a legality to the length (can't be more than 6 inches).
Maybe no knife for a felon, though.

Fox 5.3
Ask your local PD, I don't know.

No. Violation of CCW laws.

Curious Geo
I live in California USA and I applied online for a perfect fit position that an employment agency placed the job ad for their client. The agency reviewed my resume, called me to set up an interview as they were impressed by my vast experience and perfect fit for the job. The interviewer handed me an application to fill in and said that she was going to contact the client to discuss a follow-up interview if the first interveiw goes well. Which she assured me it would. In the application with regards to convictions I didn't hesitate to answer 'yes' and filled out the rest and handed it to her. During the interview she noticed the question had been answered and bombarded me with out of the ordinary questions which I told her the questions that she asking me under law Im not at liberty to answer since my convictions stemmed from a disability. I suggested that if it is of concern to her or the agency it would be best to pull a background report. As she nonchalently went over my resume and spoke briefly about the job. She said that she will contact the client and then contact me thereafter. I said great but because I was in the moment, I forgot to ask her how long will I hear from her. That I left the agency thinking that I will be called back. No word from her or the agency. So, I brushed it off thinking they probably picked a more suitable person. Went about my business and about 2 months later, the agency posts a job offer within my city for another right fit position..walking distance. I applied online, I got the automated thank you for applying but this time I emailed the office to inquire about the validity of the job offer cause during those times spammers were posting fake ads and I wanted to make sure it was legit. I got an email response from the person that interviewed me as she wrote,....I can suggest to the client that you're a perfect fit, but didn't you acknowledge having convictions last time we met, if you can tell me that you can pass a background check I'll go ahead and notify the client today to suggest an appointment for interview within 3 days..I emailed her saying no, I wouldn't be able to pass the check but if you pulled a background check, I will need a copy of it as the law states...she never emailed me back. I studied the Title VII Civil Rights Act of 1964 and gone over it so much I feel that I may be seeing what I want to see. Aside from discrimination of race, doesn't it say that employers must not exclude applicants on their convictions alone that employers must examine the candidate under 3 major basis in order to establish business necessity. I want to create a blog with this topic in mind but I would like your opinions whether its a bad or good thing to do....I want justice. I faced my convictions, did my time, jumped through hoops, performed tests in which the state told me that I had a problem. I said okay who better would know than someone outside the box, if I have a problem help me to fix it and suggested rehabilitation in which I did and completed and received a ceritficate of rehabilitation recognized by my state. Volunteered to do 6 months in a spiritual christian camp and was the only atheius there...but I did it and completed. Came back home to be placed under the microscope for another 3 years, this time for social services and jumped their hoops of programs and aced them because I've had been rehabilitated I had nothing to worry as I was bombarded with every test imaginable. All I'm saying is I went above and beyond what most people would submit themselves to, here in my state. Others would've just done the time and been done with it. But, I was thinking about my future and thought that one day I would have a family, in which, I do now. So, having done what the man wanted me to do..What's my consolation? I thought certificates of rehab were supposed to lift occupational barriers, I thought the EEOC would have my back...I jumped hoops for what...I did manage to work 9 months in the health care field but when I got laid off in 11/09 I've been collecting ever since and targeted as a designated group eligible to collect UI benefits due to involuntary unemployment. The hell with that I want to work..go ahead cast your judgments on me...I welcome them...

Well as a matter of fact i just called my local sherifs departments for the same question. I just didnt tell them that i was on probation and have a felon charge against me as well. I am 16 years old and as a habit always carry i knife with me, more like a luxury then anything else, But they said its legal aslong as the clip is hanging out your pocker, the 4 finger rule (they said the size of my wrist) but she made it clear thats its illegal and a violation of probation if your in it. thats when i got sad. =( hope this helped. im out of probation in october hopefully so then ill take my knife everywere.

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