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Can i be charged with anything for blowing an air horn in the phone when a telemarketer calls?
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Can i be charged with anything for blowing an air horn in the phone when a telemarketer calls?

I have a credit card company calling multiple times a day. I dont have a credit card. They wont stop calling. Can i get charged with anything if i blow an air horn into the phone when the call.?


Nope, I cuss them out or whatever I want, they are on My phone, In My house and I can do what ever I want. Also in the US you can get on the No Call List and if you have never done any business with them they can be fined for calling you.
I had some crack head who worked for me use my cell number for some credit and it took me quite a while to convince them I was not him.. talk to a manager and then threaten legal action... first ask for a contact number or you will never be able to find them ..then I would consider suing them for harassment.
I would also try to get an address and send them a cease and desist letter. This is good evidence in court.

Naw, as it is UNSOLICITED, in fact, why not curse at them after wards lol

haha oh my gosh this question made my day :D
i would totally do it! i don't think you would get charged for anything

cc- ̉‰ -
ROTFLMAO do it!!!
I would die laughing & i bought one for new years.. I'm gonna do it!
=] thanks

Norman O
Just don't give them your credit card number and you won't be charged.

HAHAHA thats great id do it, but i dont know if you can get in trouble

Lela A
Don't answer the phone

Johnny Wane
As long as you don't damage anybody's ears, there should be no problems.

big boss
I say do it, I know I would.

Ahahaha. I don't know the legal answer to this, but it seems fair enough, since they are harassing you.

Zeke S
No I don't believe you can be charged with anything.
...and by the way Canadian Guy 67 .....thanks for the tip
...gonna try that too!
( also cdn)

If you cause injury to their ears probably if you admit to it.

I'd never tell on ya though b/c there ain't nothing more annoying then those *** holes, they just don't know when to stop, that actually sounds like a great idea, where do you get an air horn.?

You should attempt to register with the National Do Not Call List. Blowing out someones ear drum will find you in a court of law and the likelihood of jail time.

Pat F
Sounds like a debt collector. You may be a victim of identity theft. And yes it is assault. You could be sued and sent to jail.

It's doubtful. I had a friend try it on my phone and the noise is not amplified to the extent to cause hearing damage. You would experience more sound pressure from a lawnmower, rock concert, etc. Also, they wouldn't know for sure who was acutally on the phone simply because they called you, anymore so than caller id/phone records show who was on the line. Most places won't call the police or do anything anyway. I know my office wouldn't. We have received our share of unwanted, prank, nuisance calls, etc. My secretary answers all my calls during business hours and I don't talk to anyone I don't want to and we would never have an answering machine.

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