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Can i have my daughter arrested for attacking me?
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Can i have my daughter arrested for attacking me?

My 19 year old daughter hit me and as a result I have a broken nose. (I am her father) It all started because she used the bathroom and left her shampoo bottles out. It really angered me so I marched into her room and had a go at her. After about 5 minutes she began to get a bit cheeky with me and I admit, I slapped her across the face. She responded by punching me hard in the face. I took myself to hospital and the doctor said I have a broken nose. Should I report her to the police for this? Would the police actually do anything?

I live in the UK


You asked this yesterday. No, you should be ashamed of yourself!

Damn, love is in the house lol

You can put a complaint against her, but she can defend herself saying that you hit her first... Some counseling would be good...

Rule of thumb
Kick her out. 19 and still living at home? In the US you will get arrested for slapping your kids.

The police might arrest you for slapping her across the face.

You hit her first.

Dude, you hit her first. Its called self defence. I would have done it too. You can go ahead and press charges but you threw the first slap so......yeah bummer for you.

Lauren E
What do you expect, slapping her and having a go at her just because she left shampoo bottles out. If my dad had a go at me and slapped me for something as little as that, id certainly slap him back.

grizzly g
You can but she probably only punched you because you slapped her. You are just as guilty as she is even though her action was more severe. How could you slap your own daughter?

OK first of all I cant believe you would admit that. What kind of adult male would slap his adult daughter? You deserve to get pucnhed in the face. Your lucky you don't have a son or you probably would have been knocked out. She could press charges on your for assault also, So why would you want to open that can of warms.

Erm well no she would say u hit her..which u shouldnt have :O

my baby is my heart
You can't do nothing because she's grown. Since you hit her first you'll get locked up too.

Katie =D
No you shouldn't get her arrested! that wasn't very nice of you to do that ever body makes mistakes and she was just defending herself its a reflects!

Wounded Duck
You would be the one arrested.

Rachel B
Actually - they could probably charge you with assault since you hit her first. She could claim self defense. You were in her room "having a go at her (whatever that means), over something as small as leaving her bottles out in the bathroom...overreact much?
Maybe you need to get a better hold on your anger; it sounds like she simply is following your example.

Father of the year, cheers! Hope your nose heals better than your child's emotional health obviously has...

the police wouldn't do anything because they could say that your daughter acted in self defense, and anyways you should love your daughter and not want to report her. Ask her to spend father-daughter time with you to make up for what happened. and let her know that your sorry about what happened, and she should say sorry too. But let her say that on her own.

Sounds like you assaulted her first.

She's probably asking right now if she can get her dad arrested for hitting her.

Grow up and be a real parent, and solve things out like an adult and not some kid. If you have to result to physical assault then you need some serious help. Just the fact you would want to subject your daughter to being arrested shows enough about your skill as a parent.


Sweet Cherry [3.14]
Since she is over 18, you technically commited assault first by slapping her. Therefore, by punching you back, she was technically defending herself.

yes you can report her, but she can also report you and hate to tell you but you will look more in the wrong then her. her injuries are less severe but your her father, what sort of lessons are you teaching her if it's ok for you to slap her but not her to hit you back? You got what you deserve in my opinion. Good on her, you don't slap people across the face unless your expecting retaliation.

shes 19? you marched her? you slaped her? GOOD FOR HER!

Well you shouldn't have slapped her across the face... and if she hit you it is a domestic dispute which I don't see why you'd want that on your daughter's record, not only that - domestic violence carries a decently long jail sentence. I mean, if you're going to slap her over something as silly as shampoo being left in the bathroom, then maybe you're the one with the problem. Unless you left out some details, or I misunderstood what you wrote.

You hit her first and I would say that as a father of a 19 year old "child" you can no longer call that discipline. The police would probably take a report, but both of you would be arrested. Just because you got the worst of the fight doesn't mean you should have her arrested!

ha you did derserve it i would understand if she came home like off her face or like set the house on fire. but leaving shampoo bottles out. ?

Cissy Y
I'm guessing you could. don't really know if the police would take you seriously though. me recommend just forgive her.

Your Daughter is an adult and you had no right to hit her, especially over shampoo bottles! You started it by hitting her first, so you deserve the broken nose you have! Treat your daughter like an adult human being with respect from now on or she may hurt you worse next time!

No. You will end up in gaol yourself. She is an adult and you assaulted her first. A man slapping a woman in the face is not a form of discipline. She had every right (in Canada anyway) to punch you in the face as a mens of self defence.

What type of man are you anyway that you would strike your daughter and then worst of all attempt to charge her with assualt.

The police here would cal you a coward.

I would hope this young lady moves out and moves on with her life.

Best of luck to her.

I'll also add that you enticed her to become 'cheeky' by 'having a go at her' for something so mundane as leaving shampoo bottles out. You sound abusive and controlling.

you slapped her for leaving bottles out? jeez what if she leaves a light on do you beat her? she probably hurts a lot worse than you and on a daily basis from your bullying. realy you need to address your anger before she doesnt want to know you.

I don't know about the UK, but in the US, if you hit her first, then her actions would be deemed self defense, and the police would either charge both of you or neither of you. I think that the two of you should go into counseling/therapy. A broken nose over shampoo bottles is outrageous. The next time she leaves her stuff out, instead of confronting her inappropriately-which is what you did since you wanted a go at her- you should just confiscate them and say if she wants her stuff, then she should take care of it. If you cannot get along with her, then she should move out. She's old enough to live on her own. But throwing her out should be the last resort if you want a good relationship with your daughter.

Corrine J
Yes you can press charges and have her arrested but remember you started the fight and she can claim self defence


I don't know what's your situation in legal terms, but I think that you should contact the police if you do want to press charges and have her arrested, if she's 19 , then obviously she's over 18 and not a child.. So she will probably be treated as any assault, unless she does the same thing to you as you slapped her first.. so it can work both ways as I understand .. I'm not a policeman, but I think you've committed an offence as well as she..

You'd better seek legal and/or law enforcement advice.

I think, in the UK, slapping your daughter is an offence regardless of the reason, and she was under 18 that would've probably been considered child cruelty...

blatantly opinionated
You assaulted her as well. If you report her then be prepared to admit your own part in this...on the other hand, if you care about your relationship with your daughter find a way to get along. Sounds like this whole thing started over something rather trivial. Maybe you both need anger management training.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME , please dude i have a 15 year old daughter and she has done it all drugs , popped my heart meds, smoked weed on school grounds ran away 1st time , had air and a ground search , including dogs , she also has recently run away to a runaway homeless shelter and THE ONLY thing i'm guilty of is trying to get her into counseling and meds they deem necessary , she has been to many of them, she stops taking meds hides em and blames me her mom for all that's wrong and I'VE tried it all now for loving my child , getting her treatment i have a 15 year old child that's my world , in a runaway shelter, and AGAIN all i did was what i am supppossed to do for her ... GET OVER THE STUPID SHAMPOO BOTTLES COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS HITTING NEVER EVER EVER WORKS DUDE

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