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Can i listen to police radio online?
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Can i listen to police radio online?

you know like you do with a scanner


In the UK the system the Police use has been changed to stop it being scanned.It has never been illegal to listen just to act on anything heard is illegal.

In the UK no, all of the police forces have moved into digitally encrypted handsets which work via cell phone and other types of masts, you will need a police radio/handset with a chip similar to a sim card that is programmed/authorised into the police headquarters computer.

Normal scanners cannot pick up digital encrypted transmissions.

Problem Child
this one has NYPD and fdny.

also try

www.thebravest.com ....has FDNY by borough and you can buy stuff, if your into that.

This one has a whole bunch from various places...


this guy has some also...


Cna be done is the Us, not UK

Depends were you are, the UK police use digital encryption which means it cannot be listened to with a normal scanner.

Yes. in Metro Denver there is a website that archives 30 days for several metro departments including mine. It kinda sx because it combines our 3 main channels together so to the untrained ear it sounds bizarre.

WTF-how would the media listening to a police scanner know about stuff before the police? They're getting it from the POLICE scanner....another worthless answer from the cop-hater with many names.

robert c
I believe it is an offence to listen in on police broadcasts!!It is certainly an offence to act on them!!

news hound
I understand you can listen? but, if you use the information from that, you are in breach of the law.

Cute Cat Pictures
Yes you can listen to police radio online if you know their radio frequency but it is an offence listening to police radio streaming. It was broadcasting strictly for police only

p/s: I prefer listening to internet radio stations streaming online at http://internet-live-radio.blogspot.com rather than committed to wrong doing

London NW3
Its illegal in the UK to listen in on the police,whatever the system used

i only knew about a scanner

heidi the ghosthunter
if you find out let me know i MISS my scanner!!!!

The KTPH.org
you can not listen to the police raido, as they wount publish it on the internet. they do not want to risk members of the public becoming involed with a situtation.


One Happy Egg
Yes. I've just found out a H reg Renault 5 has crashed into a plant pot.... Only joking. I'll give you a star because I would like to know if you can too.

joan k
I suppose it's possible if you know how to do it, they seem to be able to do almost everything online. Why would you want to listen to them anyway. I could find better things to do with my time lol.

Interesting... I am not sure you can intercept those waves online but you certainly can at home, with a radio scanner.
In fact, reporters know about peoblems way before police departments send press releases that very same way!
Google it, but I think it would be limited by the areas where that service could be provided

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