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Can i report something i've lost as stolen to the police?
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Can i report something i've lost as stolen to the police?


Günther Bischoff
Let me guess - a mobile phone? It's got to the stage now that police will prosecute false allegatiomns for wasting police time as it is estimated that 20% of all mobiles reported stolen are in fact lost but the insurance won't pay out unless it' stolen.

Inked Yank
sure if you want to get arrested for giving false information

Unless you genuinely believe that it may have been stolen then you would be making a false report = bad idea!

No. You can get in trouble for filling a false police report. I have seen this happen when I volunteered at my local police station. A woman filed a stolen report and they found out the ex had the item (never found out what it was) and he proved he didn't take it and so the police then had the D.A. file charges against her for filing a 'false police report".

heidi the ghosthunter
not unless you have had it stolen
you may be prosecuted for wasting police time

Peter C
If you file an insurance claim then not a good idea. Lying to the insurance company and the Police aint good.

Ian UK

One of the reasons why there are less Police on the streets is because we spend so much time with time wasters who are abusing the system and wasting public money by making false reports.

If you report something stolen when its lost you will be liable to a fine for wasting Police time.

joan k
No that is dishonest especially if it's for insurance purposes


people have been doing that already.

report it LOST..

if you report it stolen, and that's not the case you can get done for wasting police time.

Kirk Spock
Sure.... there isn't anything that stops you from filing a false police report.

if you get caught.... you'll be sorry....

Ferrari Babe ¸.•*´`*♥ ♥*´`*•.¸
Of course you can if you don't mind risking committing fraud and wasting police time. It's not exactly honest is it?

Only if you want to get prosecuted!!! You will still get a reference number for reporting the loss, if that's what you're after.

you can get arrested for fraud anywhere!

Gunther has hit the nail on the head!!!!


If found out you could be prosecuted for fraud.

Not to mention the amount of police time you will be wasting with the investigation they will have to do.

Wasting police time...........criminal record. Fingerprints, photograph and DNA.....tut tut don't do it.

NO!!! now why would you want to go and do something like that?
That would be a LIE and guess what cops don't like?

thats perjury and wasting police time, you can go to prison, dont be a f*cking idiot

Daniel Roberts
No its fraud , filing a false police report , perjury ( you take an oath to file that and perjury is an arrestable offense ) then there is also the fact of lying to a police officer . plus the fact that you could be billed for the man hours and serve TIME . not a good decision .

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