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Can police officers run stoplights, stop signs?
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Can police officers run stoplights, stop signs?

if they have the proper lighting and signals on?


A lot of people answering that have no experience and no knowledge of actual procedures. Responding to a call code 2 or code 3, emergency vehicles are allowed to cross intersections that are red for them. They don't just run it though. An operator of an emergency vehicle must use due regard to safety and are instructed to pause at red lights and verify the intersection is clear. If for instance a police officer crossed through an intersection under red and was struck by cross traffic, he could still be held accountable because he did not clear the intersection before proceeding.

Of course


A Police Officers' primary mission is to protect the public. He cannot do this successfully by driving dangerously and putting lives at excessive risk. When in pursuit of a suspect, or when responding to a call, a Police Officer (with proper emergency lights and/or siren) can exceed the posted speed limit, go through red lights and stop signs, and take other courses of action that would be illegal for civilian drivers - PROVIDING that he remain in complete control of his vehicle and does not endanger other lives.


Offizier J.E.
If they have the proper lighting and signal/sirens on ofcourse they can.

However sometimes the police will run a red light without a siren and just keep his lights on, and that is a stealth tactic, usally because they're rolling up on a scene very close to there. Or sometimes they will turn on their back/deck lights to do this. The stealth lights are the backside lights of a police cruiser, which are either those lights that light up on the backside, of the lights on top, or the deck lights in the back window of the cruiser. They are used to let the people know that they are following someone or something, but doesn't want that person that they're following to know.... not yet.

But most of the time, lights and sirens are required. That is called a code 3 run. In order for them to exceed the speed limit, they must have the proper lighting and sirens on. Unless they are trying to get somewhere in a hurry without alerting a certain person, and are having to use stealth, then they wont. When this happens, they always slow down, and then after waiting they will speed off, usually with another unit or so. But they must remain in control of their vehicle.

But in order for the officer to speed by the stoplights/signs with his lighting on, he must slow down first and not just fly by it. If an officer does that he may hit someone, and either injure or kill someone.

One last thing, officers are not allowed to speed through a red light or a stop sign with their lights on, just for the heck of it. They must wait like everyone else.

Heres a good example, watch this video:

Just like any public safety vehicle but they must exercise due care & caution.

Henry VIII
Of course they can.

gina r
yes, i have seen it many times. Its accepted within reason, usually their Superior wouldn't second guess them if they give a proper explanation. There are cases where cops abuse this privilege.

If they are responding to a call Code 3, yes.

Yes they are and do it all the time. Your suppose to be hearing and looking when you are going through a light or stop signs. You look both ways before you enter, you stop a at stop sign and look both ways.. I know a man that failed his drivers test because he slowed down at a stop sign and kept going. The instructor told why didn't you stop at that stop sign, He said "I looked both ways nothing was coming like I always do, back to the License Bureau , "You flunked your driving test, go home and read your drivers test book, you dummy"

During a high speed pursuit, other than that, they should obey the law.

yes, traffic laws do not apply to officers of the law, obviously on their way home they cant turn on their lights to get there faster. thats abuse of power. when on a call they can do whatever is necessary to keep the peace including running red lights and stop signs. they have "opticoms" which are those flashing white lights on the top of traffic lights to warn drivers that an emergnacy vehicle is coming (same rules for ambulance/fire) hope this answered your questoin

no not unless it is emergency

yeap. but i think sometimes they take advantage of that when there's traffic.

police can do whatever they want...shop for lawnmowers at Wally World during work hours.
Help their friends tow vehicles, stopping traffic along the way, at intersections. Have 2 hour lunches/dinners. Go through traffic with or without lights and sirens. Cut you off, so that you don't pass them, even though they're driving UNDER the speed limit (just to play with their power). Race each other through the streets, like little kids.

yes but most of them choose to do it anyway because the think that because they get to make everybody else follow the law the decide that they dont have to follow it and choose to do it anyway without lighting and signals

how about the police are just cruising thru a park and just roll thru the stop sign but now they are parked under a bridge and all of a sudden I pull up to the stop sign and stop completely now they pull me over and give me a ticket for disregard of stop sign

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