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Can police open my usps mail?
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Can police open my usps mail?

Can a police officer open my mail i've recived through the internet with all its proper packaging and stamps still in tact?

For example a pack of golf balls odered online thats been sitting on my desk never opened?

And if they had a search warrant would it make a difference?
Also what if the package only has my first name?

Please let me know in detail thanks


Okay I am so tired of hearing this questions so if someone looks at this repost it on all these search questions. Now let me be clear I am citing texas mandates which are probably tougher than a lot of other states. No i am not a lawyer, but I do know things
Legal tip one
If you are in an unsavory trade, and you know who you are. Invest in TWO (2) safes one for your car and one for your home. If they dont have a warrant they can't search anything like that. They can ask you to open it and if you refuse they can take you in etc. It'll buy you sometime, peferably if that happens and they dont take you in to get out of town ASAP. Yall need to get out of these "professions"
Legal tip two
If you get pulled over for a dwi DONT EVER BLOW. Then all they have in court is that you smelled like alcohol. Sorry but you cannot be tried for suspision alone.
Legal tip three
If you go on probation for WHATEVER. Treat your P.O. like your best friend. Tell them anything and everything. They appreciate honesty and want to feel like they can make a difference in your life. Who knows maybe it might help? Never make a P.O. wonder "Wow, whats John doing right now."
Legal tip four
If you let the police in your house. Which if thats the case in mine they better have a warrant or else there not coming in. If you do, they can not open anything thats enclosed and locked! Period they have to get a second search warrant. If they want to go into a detached garage or storage shead and they have locks on them, it requires a seperate warrant. But let me be more specific on the locks aka it has to have a KEY or a COMBINATION! Cheap door locks not applicable.
Legal tip five
Dont tell police or invesigators more than they need to know. Most people are good people and just want to help. Just stick to yes and no questions and dont say anything in the cop car. When you get to the jail and they mirandize you ask for your lawyer imediately don't sy anything until they get there. Just remember the anything you say can and will be used against you applies even before they read you your rights!
Legal tip six
Mail is only searchable by the police with a warrant, the dea, or the postal service
Legal tip seven
When dealing with police always stay calm and level headed know and framiliarize yourself with the laws in your state. Always treat them like you did your mom when you got caught out past curfew. tick to menial responses. Be humble, and protect your rights and yourself.

if they have a warrant they can go into your anus for evidence

they can open a package if a drug sniffing dog thinks theres somethin in it

I dont think packages that have been in a location for a prolonged periiod of time are opened by the cops, i think they prefer blowing such packages up--from a distance

To open the mail. They need permission from the post master in that area. Opening mail is a Federal offense. You would need to press charges there.

batman is dead
with a warrant they can.

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