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Can stun gun knock people out?
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Can stun gun knock people out?

Can Stun Gun knock people out?
If so, how much of votage do i need and how long would it take?
Thank you


its takes a couple of seconds and yes it does knock people out, watch 24 they use it so much. i'm not sure the voltage sorry.

Indeed it can. A stun gun can also kill as some 300 people that have been illegally tased or stunded by cops are dead
as a result of this nonsense.

Last Man Standing
Tasers are known to kill people - roughly 300 in America since 2001 (1). That is why they are now refered to as "less-lethal weapons," whereas they used to be called "non-lethal."

Racist Answer Man
Depends on a variety of factors including the target's general health, amount and kind of clothing, how long you maintain contact, the power of the gun, etc.

yes it can, and in (VERY) few cases there have been deaths

if you are planning on going into law enforcement they should teach you that, shouldnt they?

Worse than that, it could cause permanent physical damage that the victim would have to live with for the rest of their life. For instance blindness.

um... niner?
you get them in the right spot and however big they are depends on how long it would take, why are you planing to use one?

Big D
Stun guns are not made to knock out people. It is to cause them pain to force compliance. Volts do not matter. Its the amps that give the kick in the a**.

Stun guns like Taser can deliver upto 50,000 volts. However, amperes are very low. It can knock people out. Now United Nations is looking into such guns as instruments of torture.

you could but depends on how long you keep it on and the voltage

Carol (Yeah I said it!) G.
I have one that has 500,000 volts. They don't knock a person out..en less you don't know how to use it, hit someone in the heart..that will not just knock them out it will kill them. Mine takes 2 sec to disorient a person and they get weak..3 seconds and they are dazed and wobbly..can't stand up etc...last long enough. The points to hit are shoulders and hips.

toot toot
heck yaha don't you ever watch cops or new dectives?

Yes it can i forget what the voltage has to be though.

sarah w
depends and yes if you do it long enough

Master Yoda
It can in rare instances, but for the most part it's a really rude awakeining. It's the longest 5 seconds of your life.

Airborne Ranger :D
Yes. They may have just hit their head during their muscle spasms. Dunno the voltage or time, but long enough for them to either hit their head enough times or hard enough or to shut down some body functions.


They're not so much knocking people out, they just neutralise people. Remember it's not all about the voltage, the current plays a part too! Hold it on them for 10 seconds or until you start to smell burning. They'll probably be #@[!ed then. If not.
Kick 'em in temples!

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