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Can the police/fbi track internet history without a users computer? Is there a database with where I've been?
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Can the police/fbi track internet history without a users computer? Is there a database with where I've been?


Every server in the world....well legit ones anyway keep a log. When I first logged on in the 90's I had a provider that would let me run a report of where my computer had been on the net.

Great for moms and dads as this is history that cannot be erased at the stroke of a key

The Internet Service Providers also hold a record of which account went where, they also know if you log onto your account from another computer or location! George Orwell was right with 1984- Big Brother is always watching!

Yes Internet providers have a record of all the sites you visit. That's why the call it an ip identifier. We are being watched, big brother is always watching.

Good question. Yes they can, your computer leaves tags all over the internet in the form of a call number on the sites you visit. They can use these tags to monitor where you go and what you do. If they have enough reason to believe youre up to something they can have a remote user program installed on your machine from another location to be able to watch exactly what youre doing and what you say in chats. They can pull up your bank records with or without a warrant. They can monitor your cell phone via the ESN number (you can find this in the back of your phone if you remove the battery) and they can use that phone and triangulate your exact position within the United States. They can find out what purchases you make and they have a way of finding out the wierdest things about you.

34th B.G. - USAAF
Everytime you use your cel phone or ATM card, etc. you leave a paper trail. Don't think they don't know. How do you think they caught the guys in Dearborn with the 1,000 throw away cel phones?
Based on your nickname, I don't imagine you have a Passport...

the short version is YES!

Most of the companies or websites you visit record your IP address, then the IP records your PC ID.

it matters not what venue you choose to use to do things. a record exists and can be checked.

the only exception might be cash where personal ID is not a part of the transaction - kind of like terrorist do!! this is why cards, checks, and even PayPal are so popular!

yes and no. I don't know how to explain it. They can't really check your history persay without your computer all of that info. is stored in your computer. But if you have say, been on yahoo or what not, they can look up where you've been on there. But it would only be specific to that site. etc..

Yes to both of your questions. Stop using the internet for illegal activities if that is what you are worried about.

Google "ECHELON".


yes they can and yes there is

Walter J
Yes there is a record, mostly for the past 90 days, but they are trying to make it so that this record stays on file for up to 2 years. There was a big write up in the paper/news about this, saying that this is an invasion of privacy.
There is a way to track you but it is harder to do it without your computer...
Best to just behave yourself and stay out of trouble...

Sounds like someones got something to hide!!!

You shoulnt have done it The next person at your door will be ther to arrest you

went right
YES i think


how do they have the remote user program installed on your computer from another location without you knowing? how can they activat this program without you knowing as well. wouldn't it show up in your task manager?

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