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Can the police seach your home for a wanted person without a warrant and if so how often before it is?
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Can the police seach your home for a wanted person without a warrant and if so how often before it is?

deemed harassment


they can if in pursuit of a suspect to runs in and locks the door. a lone officer isn't likely to do that, but they have. usually will call for backup and then guard the house until they get a radio affirmation that they have a warrant. then they can go right in. that usually takes very little time. it depends much on where you live. most often, somebody calls with a complaint and they have to respond. if the same complaintant keeps call police they find no problem, they will tell the complaintant to stop it or they will get arrested!
if they come back over and over with no good cause, but until you file a complaint with a judge, you'll never know. a complaint to their chief may help.


Probable cause...if they saw the suspect enter your house and it is critical that they apprehend the suspect before he causes you or any who may be in the home bodily harm, then they need no warrant.

Joshuan P
The police can not search your home for a wanted person without a warrant, unless (key word unless) they have porbable cause. In example they are chasing him/her and that persons runs into your house. But other than that, it is quite difficult for them to search anything warrant-less, and without your consent.

You have to give consent for anybody to enter your home, If there is evidence that a wanted person is residing there then they have to present the evidence to a judge and have him sign a search warrant to search your home. Not sure what state you are in but here a child of 14 can give legal consent for police to enter the house. If the police are chasing that subject and he/she runs into the house then they are free to enter.

Steven C
Only if you let them in. If you don't they will get a warrant and make you stay outside until they get one over to you.

the only time that they would need a warrent would be if you didn't allow them in your house. If you let them in willingly then they dont need to show you one.

Yes, by wanted person you mean there is a warrant out of for their arrest and they have reasonable cause to assume that he is in your house, under the law they can search your house -- but only to see if he is there. They can only look to see if he is there and that is it. If you happen to be committing a crime in plain view while they are looking for a fugitive, for example if you have a ton and a half of heroin in the middle of the living room floor, what they have to do is post a policeman outside your door and go and get another warrant for the second action. But they can't open your sock drawer because obviously the fugitive isn't in there. So if you have a ton and a half of heroin that they can't see, but suspect might be there somewhere, there is nothing they can do. They can't use the fugitive warrant to search for something else.

So let's suppose you are a friend of the fugitive and in the past he has been seen in your house several times, the police have every right to search for him in your house. They have to let you read the warrant, BUT the warrant WILL say they can look where they want and they are coming into your house and if you lock them out they can break down the door and come on in.

If they have strong reason to believe there's a wanted person in your home, by law they technically need a warrant, but they'll come back with one definitely

its voluntary...i had something similar happen to me...the cop said that if i didn't want them to, they would go and get a search warrant

yes they can if you allow them in your house

Unless they saw the person enter your home, or saw the person in your home, the answer is "no." Personally, I would never give consent to police to search my home, and I have nothing to hide. It's a matter of principle. We do not live in a police state.. Refuse them entry unless they have a warrant. If they do obtain a warrant and don't find the person they are looking for, the judge will think twice before issuing another warrant.

john a
Depends if they have a basis that this person is a threat to whoever is inside. Also why would you want to hang out with someone that is wanted by the police. The police only search for violent offenders so this person is a threat to you and your family. Be smart and tell this person to get the hell away from you before they bring you down too.


*´¨`*��Heart and Soul��*´¨`*
Usually they are violating civil rights. http://www.flexyourrights.org/at_your_door


Hi. If you're in the US, the 4th amendment protects you from unreasonable search and seizure.

However, the framers put the word "unreasonable" in there to keep the lawyers in business.

Basically, if cops believe there is a wanted person in your home, they're coming in.

Read some info on the link provided.


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