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Can the repo man report my car stolen?
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Can the repo man report my car stolen?

First off, I'm asking for advice so please don't tell me what a loser I am, or give them my car etc.. I'm currently getting the funds together to pay my back notes.. So with that said here goes my story:

A repo man tried to repossess my car one night, I came out caught them in the act and wouldn't let them do it. I opened my garage and pulled my car in the garage, and closed it.. So the other day I go to pay my registration, to find out the "REPO COMPANY" not my "LENDER", had reported the car stolen. I've called the police and asked is that legal, they informed me that a repo man can not report a car stolen, unless they in fact "repoed it" and then you TAKE it back from them. The reason being, that even though you haven't paid for the car, its a CIVIL matter and not CRIMINAL. They never repoed it, so how were they able to report it stolen? I called the finance company and they have no knowledge if this(the car being reported stolen, and in fact told me that they would NEVER do that). Can anyone give me some advice?
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yes the vehicle was still on my property. It was in my driveway.


I recommend that you contact an attorney.

I suspect that if the REPO company did report the car stolen that would be considered a false Police Report, which is a crime.

Daniel C
First, was the car still on your property when they tried to repo it? The law does not allow them to trespass to retrieve the vehicle. Of course their trick is to always say it was parked in the street...

Keep it in the garage, dont' drive it unless you have to. They may follow you and snag it in the public parking lot.

Now, to your question - only the legal owner and/or the bondee of a vehicle can say whether a vehicle has been stolen. The police are correct: unless the repo company actually took possession of the vehicle they are not the legal owner. The bank is the legal owner, obviously, and you are the bondee taking care of it. If the repo company gets their hands on it they become the bondee.

Let the police know that the repo company never took possession of the vehicle, that it is still in your possession and you are negotiating with the lender to take care of the payments. The repo company filed a false police report which IS a crime.

Greg P
The key is going to be how far into the repo were they. If they were just starting then yeah they didn't repo it, but if they had it off the group and on the tow truck then yeah it's probally a repo.

I would def try to find some free legal advice. Keep it out of site.

I think that it's good your trying to work with your bank. Alot of banks now are willing to work with customers to save face. I hope you can work out an arrangement.

Stephen T
Daniel C is wrong in that they can come on your property and repo the car. It is a crime if they reported it stolen when it wasn't.

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